“I was astounded.  After just 3 treatments I had my beautiful, happy, boy back!”


From executive in a global pharma company to Massage Practitioner & Canine Core Fitness Coach of my own thriving business in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

How does that even happen?

I’m Angela Day and I’ve had the pawprints of beautiful dogs by my side my entire life.

Many years ago one of my Huskies Storm, at just 3 years, old had stopped wanting to play and began gaining weight as a result. We all joked he was anti-social.

By chance I met a Massage Practitioner and asked her to give him a muscular health check.

When she did the skin down Storm’s back twitched like mad.  She told me he had pain and restriction in his neck and shoulders.

My precious boy was in pain and I had no idea!

After just 3 treatments I got my beautiful, happy boy back.

My thirst for knowledge and background in science led me to study this phenomenal therapy and here I am over 7 years on changing the lives of dogs in the same way that therapist changed Storms life.

Thank goodness I took advantage of the muscular health check!

Since those early days I talk about clinical massage at any opportunity.

I’m on a mission

To highlight why it is critical owners seek out the right professional at the right time.

Clinical massage is the missing jigsaw piece in canine rehabilitation.  Massage is not just a bit of what I do – It is what I do.

I studied my craft for 2 years and have been in clinical practice for over 5 years.  I’m also a Canine Massage Guild Member (Industry Elite) and IAAT

On my quest I have been busy making guest appearances at various web events, talking to vets about IVCI project, on UK Health Radio with Vince The Vet & RWS Radio, running demonstrations at UK dog shows like Noel Fitzpatricks Dogfest South, Great British Dog Walk, All About Dogs, Suffolk Dog Day, Festival of Dogs, The Natural Dog Show and so many more…

If you would like me to speak at your event I would love to hear from you!

A little bit more about me….

I set up Born to Run so that all dogs could have access to affordable massage treatments to help with common orthopaedic conditions including arthritis management and to keep the sport dog at the top of their game.

I provide a personal, high quality, professional service, treating every dog with the respect, patience, empathy and compassion my clients have come to know and love – because every dog is different.

This is not a job, it’s my purpose, my vocation and there is not a single day goes by without feeling grateful for all the “chance encounters” which led me here! 

In Loving Memory of Storm

My Inspiration!

Who Joined the Angels

in April 2020

"Angela is a highly skilled Canine Massage Guild Member. The Canine Massage Guild is a network of professional therapists spanning the UK and beyond. It is the massage therapy choice for the owner who appreciates the unrivalled quality of training achieved by the Canine Massage Guild member."

"Angela is a member of IAAT. The IAAT mission is to provide Vets, Owners and Insurance Companies with a register of trained professionals. To embrace other professionals so that we can all move forward as a united front. To contribute to ensuring appropriate standards in the animal therapy professions are met!"

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