Angela Day

Award winning

Canine Rehab Specialist

Founder & Heart

behind Born to Run.

Angela Day Rehabilitation Specialist and Core conditioning coach from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk

“Angela is more than a therapist, she’s a beacon in canine health, guiding you toward a brighter happier, better-informed future for your dogs.”


From Passion to Purpose

Angela’s journey began as a senior executive in a global pharmaceutical company.  But despite having a successful career, she had a deep rooted love for dogs, they were always her passion.  She had a desire to see them live their lives to the fullest, so in her 40’s she decided to leave the rat race behind and set up her own business, Born to Run.

Seeing first-hand the challenges her Huskies faced from injuries, surgeries, and age-related conditions, she was determined to make a difference.


It was a long and winding road

It wasn’t easy.  She was made to feel  like a bad dog owner when she didn’t know what some would consider basic knowledge.  Even worse  she dared to ask pet and veterinary professionals questions.

She’s emerged as a multi-award winning Canine Rehab Specialist and Core Conditioning Instructor.  With a decade of experience in Canine Rehabilitation Angela is an advocate and respected industry voice for canine health.

She embodies Integrity, Empathy, Passion, Resilience and Advocacy.  Her core values shine through and are at the heart of everything she does.

Canine Rehab


Located in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Angela Founded Born to Run.  Working with championship level canine athletes, Angela also supports dogs with canine rehabilitation and massage.  She sees the majority of patients after an operation, a diagnosis, or an injury.  The therapies Angela uses are particularly helpful for dogs who can’t tolerate medication.

A leading CCA Core Conditioning Instructor and multi award winning Small Animal Rehab Specialist, Angela, is delighted to have been a involved to a world first!  She was a contributor to groundbreaking clinical trials with Winchester University.  These trials underscored the 95% positive effectiveness of massage in managing a dog’s pain.

Angela rehabilitates dogs with conditions like osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injury, hip or elbow dysplasia, IVDD, neurological disorders and undiagnosed lameness etc,.  An advocate for natural health she uses non-invasive methods.

Angela Day founder of Born to Run massaging a flyball dog

Angela says “After a diagnosis or operation dog owners are often left not knowing how to help with their dogs recovery at home.  I support them throughout this emotional time using rehabilitation exercise, electrotherapies like TENS / NMES /PEMF, kinesiology taping,  clinical massage and thermal treatments”

“All dogs deserve a life free from pain”

Our vision for the future

Angela dream is to provide a world-class canine health service, where every dog can enjoy a life of mobility, happiness, and freedom from pain.

Born to Run is the embodiment of this vision, offering evidence-backed physical therapies and fitness programs that set new standards in canine care.  Our approach is holistic and combines science with empathy.  We address the unique needs of every dog and empower owners with the knowledge and tools to fully participate in their dog’s rehabilitation journey.

Angela Day from Born to Run Core Conditioning and Pilates for dogs

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