“After just one session I was shocked at the improvement in his mobility and range of movement.

I would 100% recommend Angela and Born to Run Canine Massage”

Clinical Canine Massage is a vet endorsed manual therapy used to rehabilitate and relieve the pain of soft tissue and muscular injury in dogs.

Producing life-changing results in just 1 – 3 treatments, clinical massage is widely known for its success in treating patients with common but debilitating orthopaedic conditions like arthritis. 

Canine arthritis management is the No. 1 reason why owners book clinical massage for their elderly dog!  

Working with your vet, clinical massage is both natural and non-invasive.  It is the pain relief choice for dogs who suffer with orthopaedic or neurological conditions but cannot tolerate pain medication or anti-inflammatories ( NSAIDs).  

Treating the whole body not just the area of concern, regular clinical massage keeps those lovely muscles mobile, supple, flexible and less prone to injury. 

Don’t wait for a problem.

Proactive treatments are keeping our pets and canine athletes in tip top condition!

Signs Your Dog Needs Massage

Does Your Dog Need Massage?

Would you know if your dog has a musculoskeletal issue?   

Some signs are really clear like lameness or limping, but others aren’t so obvious like twitching skin down your dogs back.

Don’t wait for a problem.  Proactive massage treatments keep your dogs muscles supple, healthy and moving!

Signs of Pain

  • Old before their time
  • Recurring or intermittent lameness
  • Dog unable to ‘cock’ his leg to pee
  • Not able to toilet in one go
  • Lagging behind on a walk
  • Refusal to jump into the car, use stairs or ‘measuring’
  • Depressed or withdrawn
  • Refusal to play or go for walks
  • Twitching skin
  • Stiffness getting up or laying down
  • A change in tail carriage
  • Swayback or roaching
  • Defensive, evasive or unusual aggressive behaviour can also be key indicators of pain.
  • They may have lost their ‘sparkle’.
  • Uneven nail wear
  • Laying down to eat or drink from their bowl
  • Canine athlete performance issues
  • Oh and that scratchy leg thing they do when you rub their side or belly – Myofascial restriction!


It is important to remember that some of these signs or symptoms may cross over with other conditions.

My advice is talk to your vet first!

Diagnosed Conditions Dog Massage Can Help

Conditions Massage Can Help

Although not an exhaustive list, these are some of the most common conditions to be treated successfully with massage.

Massage rehabilitates muscular injuries which make normal daily activities like walking a struggle.

Don’t wait for a problem.  Proactive massage treatments keep your dogs muscles supple, healthy and moving!

When Massage Can Help

  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Luxating Patella (Grades 1 & 2)
  • Cruciate Injury
  • Syringomyelia
  • IVDD
  • Spondylosis
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • CDRM
  • Pre and Post Op
  • Soft Tissue and Muscular Injury
  • Dogs with Missing Limbs
  • Blind Dogs

Blind dogs hold their head, neck and shoulders tight and low as they navigate their surroundings by moving their head side to side.

Massage treats the inevitable overcompensation in those areas keeping our blind dogs mobile!

Benefits of Dog Massage

Benefits of Massage

Both natural and non-invasive clinical massage offers for pain relief for those dogs with orthopaedic or neurological conditions who cannot tolerate pain medication or anti-inflammatories.

Massage also keeps the canine athlete at the top of their game

Don’t wait for a problem.  Proactive massage treatments keep your dogs muscles supple, healthy and moving!

Benefits of Massage

  • Reduces or eliminates pain
  • Keeps muscles and soft tissue mobile and flexible
  • Improves the quality of life and longevity
  • Improves and maintains mobility and activity levels.
  • A proactive way to keep the canine athlete at the top of their game
  • Rehabilitates muscular injury which can make normal activities like, walking, a struggle
  • Helps reduce levels of anxiety, nervousness and depression.
  • Gives your dog back their “sparkle” and zest for life.
  • Improves joint health and function
  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Improves range of movement
  • Restores muscle function
  • By breaking the pain cycle massage successfully offers pain management for dogs with arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, luxating patella and cruciate injury
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves performance, gait, and postural issues
  • Improves mood
  • Improves energy levels

What to Expect….

A personal, quality, professional service where every dog is treated with the respect, patience, empathy and compassion they deserve.  Where the comfort of every dog is my priority, whether treating on my lap, the table, the floor or in the chair.

….because every dog is unique! 

New Customer?

Gait & Postural Analysis

Consultation to establish daily activities and lifestyle

Full Body Massage

Aftercare recommendations

Takes approx 1.5 hours

Cost £45.00

Existing Customer?

Ongoing Assessment

Gait & Postural Analysis

Full Body Massage

Aftercare recommendations

Takes approx 1 hour

Cost £40

Still unsure if massage is what your dog needs?

I am opening up my clinic just 4 times a year to muscular health checks where I will assess your dogs main muscles and muscle groups for injury or restriction.

At just £5.00 for a 15 minute full muscular assessment this is a cost effective way of establishing whether your dog would benefit from treatment.

If you do decide to book within 1 month of your assessment I will deduct £5.00 from your Initial consultation.

The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemptions Order 2015

You’ll be comforted to know that a law exists to protect your dog, your Vet and your Massage Practitioner from those who have not undergone the rigourous training required to treat the canine patient.  

When you book your first Massage Appointment you’ll receive a Vet Consent Form in the booking confirmation to take to or e-mail your vet.



I run with my golden doodle “ Perci “ ( Cani Cross) , so I’m always keen to make sure he’s fit n well . A few months ago I noticed he had a limp which seemed to be coming from his shoulder. I rested him but it didn’t improve.

I had been to a talk Angela did at our vets so contacted her , her response was immediate and she saw Perci very quickly. 

It was fascinating watching her work. Perci was so at ease and you could visibly see him easing under Angela’s hands, he actually went to sleep whilst she worked her magic.  

After just one session his limp went completely. 

Watching Angela work is amazing she has a calm and relaxing manner which puts both dog and owner at ease.  Perci and cannot recommend her enough 

Bex & Perci


I just wanted to say to anyone that is looking to get help with their canine friend,

Angela is one in a million, two years ago Misty had many muscular problems and was unable to jump properly but following treatment and guidance we had an amazing season last year.

I sadley lost Misty this month through cancer but with the help from Angela our final season was amazing together.

Thank you Angela xxx simply the best xxx

Ann & Misty


I took my 12 and a half-year-old Collie cross Bailey to see Angela after his joints appeared stiff.

He was diagnosed with Arthritis some time ago and wanted to see if massage would ease this.

I was surprised at how calm my usually energetic dog was with Angela and how patient she was with him.

After just one session I was shocked at the improvement in his mobility and range of movement.

I would 100% recommend Angela and Born to Run Canine Massage.

Karen & Bailey


Thank you Angela for being so caring and professional with my very old lame dog today.

Such a lovely calm environment for them too.

Even I could have drifted off!!!

Louise & Raggy

Altuhna Sled Dogs

Tactile, tenacious, thorough, passionate for results. 

Amazing how in tune with my dogs Angela was when treating them.

Born to Run is a firm favourite with

Altunha Samoyeds


My gorgeous old boy went to see Angela acting his 11.5 years.

After 2 sessions he is now acting like a puppy. He is so much active and instigates playing with the other dogs rather than keeping out of their way!

So so pleased with how he is now I just wish that I knew about Angela years ago!

I can not thank her enough!

Kirsty & Harvey


Benson 13.5yrs choc lab loves his sessions.
Waggy tail as soon as he sees Angela and goes straight to his room ready.
He is the best judge for what is good for him for mobility and general well being.
Such a lovely knowledgeable lady.
Highly recommended!
Jane & Benson


I cannot describe the difference Angela has made to Delilahs health in such a short time.

Delilah is a springador and is nearly 11.

Recently she has struggled with getting down from the sofa and when running her back legs were starting to give way.

After the first treatment she was so improved but also her mental state was so different.

We think she was so uncomfortable that she became withdrawn and now she runs to greet us and is very sociable with us and company.

I can’t recommend Angela enough she has given us our dog back to what she was 5 years ago and only after 2 treatments.

Delilah says a big THANK YOU xx

Sarah & Delilah


I took Alfie, my border collie to Angela after a bit of unexplained lameness in his back leg.

Angela gave Alfie a full massage and he was so much more relaxed and showed no signs of any problems after.

Would definitely recommend.

Jan & Alfie


I found angela very relaxed and confident with my dog Scruff.
He is a Border Terrier with what looks like some rough handling in his past.
We rescued him at 8 months ago and they say he is bout 8-9 years old.
Scruff is a happy dog and has settled in with us well.
Due to his past he is very tense and has a lot of “trigger points” as Angela calls them.
Scruff only needed 2 appointments and he is a more versatile dog and seems more relaxed.
We will be continuing to see Angela with Scruff for maintenance work on him.
Scruff was very relaxed with Angela and took the treatment calmly.

Natalie & Scruffy


We took our boy Bourbon to visit Angela after he started to show some behavioural changes.
She noticed immediately that he had some trigger points down his spine and some tightening across his ribs.
Angela worked on Bourbon first putting him at ease with some oils, the cabin was very relaxing.
Bourbon wasn’t very settled on our first visit but Angela made some progress and gave me some tips to continue at home.
On our second visit Bourbon was so chilled and relaxed he nodded off whilst Angela worked on him.
Very much appreciated the time given to us and to help our boy.
Won’t hesitate to return.
Thank you Angela x

Donna & Bourbon


My Norwegian Elkhound had not been able to sit straight for months.

Sort of lob sided.

After one massage session there was visible improvement.

By the third session he was sitting straight again.

This was about a year ago and I am delighted to say he has not experienced the problem again.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to take their dog to see Angela Day.

Christine & Cracker


I cannot thank Angela enough for how much she has helped my boy.
He is not an easy dog to do anything “hands on” with at the best of times (the veterinary physio has to have him muzzled) but Angela has great skill in putting dogs at ease and the greatest of patience which has paid dividends – during his first massage with Angela following a slipped disc Hemi actually relaxed enough to snore!
Angela has also helped keep my mum’s 14-year-old foster dog mobile
Cannot recommend highly enough 💕

Kione & Hemi


I saw Angela with my 11 year old greyhound Tazz, after two sessions, his gait is much more relaxed, he runs and plays in the garden, and he seems so much happier in himself. I saw Angela with my 11 year old greyhound Tazz, after two sessions, his gait is much more relaxed, he runs and plays in the garden, and he seems so much happier in himself.

So much better than long term meds which numb the pain but don’t bring back his sparkle!!

Sue & Tazz


My 8yr old lab Rory had a persistent limp that couldn’t be diagnosed accurately by the vets and the usual ‘cover all’ anti-inflammatories didn’t work, so I decided to give canine massage a go!

I had heard of some good reviews from other owners and my vet was happy to sign the Born to Run consent form, so I booked Rory a session. Following just two sessions, Rory hasn’t looked back and seems so much more comfortable, especially after a long walk. Angela also gave some very good tips on how to look after your dogs muscular wellbeing.


Giles & Rory


Five star review from me!
Great and professional service throughout the whole treatment! Selune really enjoyed it and even though she didn’t have any major issues I noticed a difference in her movements!
Would happily recommend Born to Run to anyone! xx

Cicci & Selune


Thanks Angela for getting Wiggo primed for a great run last Saturday, he was a superstar!

Bee & Wiggo

Torwind Spaniels

We (Torwind Spaniels) love what you are able to do and have done for our dogs Angela Day.  Their lives are better with you in it.  It is quite fascinating watching you work and seeing what you discover in dogs, that we don’t always know or realise what is going on.

Sometimes something doesn’t quite seem right but you find it, release it, sort it, job done.  These dogs do and go through so much, give so much, living life to the full.  Individually I will share sometime about the before and after treatments but meanwhile these treatments can do so much for a dog.

I took Woody for a first assessment and after seeing the results, have ended up taking all our spaniels.  Great work. Great results.  Your dog is worth it.  Since meeting Angela I have been recommending her to so many..  This is not just a fluffy service but scientific and bringing benefit to the dogs who are treated by her.  Long may she and other canine massage practitioners continue this life changing work

Shara & Jim, Torwind Spaniels

Bolt, Jam and Charlie

I can recommend the treatment.  If anyone has an ageing greyhound go and get them a session or two – it really does help! 

Karen   Bolt, Jam, Charlie  


So glad we found Born to Run  my boy had a limp from over compensating after an injury and we thought our only option was x-ray’s under anaesthetic which is dangerous for him to find out what was wrong. After just a few sessions his whole body has loosened up, he’s happier and limp free. 


So happy we found your stall on the dog show. If you have an elderly dog I would highly recommend canine massage!


My rescue lurcher, Sapphie, has spent most of her adult life now hopping much of the time following multiple problems in her hind leg and paw.  Three vets have said there is nothing more they can do for her.  We did achieve some considerable progress via physio and to a lesser extent hydro therapy earlier this year, but progress has now plateaued and I was keen to try massage to see if that helps.

Just to say I think the session last week has had a very positive effect on Sapphie’s lameness. Since the day after you came she has been using the leg more, especially on walks, morning and evening, and more consistently i.e even if she has had a bit of a run.  I have extended our morning walking time and it doesn’t seem to have done any harm.  Really pleased with this progress

Louise and Sapphie


Very pleased with the Clinical Canine Massage Services Angela provides through ‘Born To Run Massage’. Friendly and Professional Angela was very calm and in control even though my dog wasn’t the most compliant of patients! I loved Angela’s kind confidence in handling my over-the-top crazy dog! From a massage perspective and seeing results…………… WOW 2 sessions and my dog is so much more mobile and fluent in her movement! I finally feel confident in letting my dog off lead again for a run around without the worry that she may be too stiff or lame afterwards. Thank you Angela.
Gemma and Mocha 


Born to Run Massage has made a huge difference to Milou (4yr old ChihuahuaX) who is a very active dog and a keen cani-cross runner. Milou has a few issues with her pelvis which leaves her with some tight muscles in her back and makes her feel uncomfortable. So needs some help to release the knots from time to time.
Angela is so calm and gentle with the dogs and makes you feel really relaxed which helps the dog also, I almost fell asleep myself just watching her work. Milou really enjoyed her massage and loved all the attentioned.  
Milou had 2 sessions with Angela and it made a big difference. Milou is enjoying her cani-cross runs again and has a lovely swing in her back again and is moving much more freely now.
I always recommend Angela to anyone whose dog shows some discomfort or is feeling a little tight in the joints.
Cindy and Milou 


My cavapoo was showing signs of being uncomfortable when moving around.  He seemed to be stiff when walking and would avoid play with other dogs. 

After one treatment he seemed much more comfortable and was almost smiling as he zoomed around the room!  He held his head higher and no longer had a robotic stiffness when he walked. At his second treatment, Angela was able to free off a lot more trigger points as he was much more supple since the initial treatment. Since this second treatment he has been like a puppy again, charging around and engaging in play with his friends. He no longer seems to be ‘protecting’ himself when near to other dogs. I can’t thank Angela enough as the treatment really has transformed his quality of life. We will definitely be back for ‘maintenance’ sessions!
Tracey and Ozzie

Lady Pepper

My dog got hit by a child riding his scooter into her rear last year, which left her in pain and limping. Angela came out to massage her twice and had her up and running again after the treatments. Angela is a very knowledgeable therapist and gave me lots of insight on top of the massage for the dog, which she enjoyed very much thanks to the calm and patient energy Angela brought to the table. I’d recommend her services and will be contacting her again should anything ail our furry family companion again in the future.

Jasmine and Lady Pepper


I first met Angela at an agility show, where I was competing with my G6 border collie Piper. he wasn’t running at his normal speed

I was so happy with how Piper took to it all, and how relaxed he was through the session.  Also, I was very impressed with Angela’s knowledge, so much so, that we now enjoy regular maintenance massage sessions, every few months, just so I know that Piper is in tip top condition.  I have retired Piper from agility now, but will continue to see Angela on a regular maintenance basis, because I trust her judgement, and skills, (plus Piper adores her) and I would highly recommend Angela

Jo and Piper


Thank you Angela for Dillon’s wonderful treatment this morning ……..I think we’ll be serenaded by his snoring this aft!! 😍🐾

Andrea & Dillon


Born to Run were recommended to me when I was looking for some massagetherapy to help my dog recover from cruciate knee surgery.

He’s had a wide range of treatments to keep him sound  – physio, hydro, chiro etc,. but the massage is the one that I have found has made the most sustainable difference to his condition – and it’s one that I can get involved with and help maintain myself too.

Liz and Beanie

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