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Prepare your dog’s body for life, for work, for sport.

Results are visible – measurable – real!

Why train with Born to Run?

CCA Core programmes are truly inclusive of all breeds, all ages, all abilities!

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bespoke plans

Born to Run celebrates what makes our dogs unique.  Different breeds, life experiences, ages, and abilities.

I tailor plans to suit each dog.  One size does not fit all.

Slow controlled and targeted these plans help to build the core and fitness levels safely, gently and sustainably.

your goals

Owners give Born to Run a fabulous 5 stars!

Here are just some of those goals: 

I want my dog to be fitter and to help avoid injury

To prepare my dog for competition

To increase my dogs working life

To improve focus and performance

To keep my arthritic dog moving

I want to help my dog to lose weight

You’ll leave the course with the tools to ensure your dog lives their very best life! 

Midget 6 year old – Pet Dog

Midget has a birth defect causing her right foot to angle inward from the wrist.  Midget had corrective surgery but sadly it was unsuccessful.

Over her life, Midget has compensated for her poorly leg meaning her shoulders, neck, and back muscles were tight and painful.

Midget responded brilliantly to our Born to Run massage therapy but I wanted to do more for her.  I needed to address weak back muscles and unwind muscular imbalance to improve Midget’s future mobility and to take pressure off of her joints.

I tailored the exercise programme for Midget as I do with every dog.

Working within her abilities and with kindness & patience, this beautiful girl graduated the 8-week programme looking totally fabulous!

Copper 4 years Old –  Working Trials

Copper is a fantastic working trials, obedience, and tracking dog.  He’s a lucky boy because he has the most amazing trainer for his Mum.

He has always been in the most fantastic condition.

Copper was fit but his measures revealed some weaknesses and in particular some shortening of the right side.

I realise that in obedience training a dog holds their head in a specific but unnatural position on one side of the owner.  So there may be potential to rebalance and improve flexibility and speed.

We were totally was blown away by the changes in Copper’s body.  He lost 12 cms around his waist by only halfway through the programme.

Wow, what a topline!

Chewy 2 years old – Pet Dog (Rescue)

Chewys Mum wanted to get him ready so that his body was able to cope with the demands of Agility.  And so when my 8-week foundation class came up she decided to join us.

At first sight, Chewy was compensating really well for muscular imbalance and a weak core.  To the untrained eye on the move, he did a great job of hiding his weaknesses.   But his measurements gave him away as well as his posture.

Chewy and his Mum worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals.  This class was through the winter.  The rain did not stop this determined lady from helping her beautiful boy.

He looks fantastic!

Dora 4 years old – Agility

Dora is quite a character.  She participates in agility and when a class came up in Bury St Edmunds her Mum decided to join.

Dora was pretty well-muscled but she seemed to be lacking flexibility around the next and shoulders and strength in the back legs.

Every dog gets a bespoke plan in my class – Dora was no exception.  We worked on addressing muscular weakness, to improve hindquarter strength and flexibility.

Despite some diva tendencies kindness and patience won in out the end.

And here is the little princess herself looking just gorgeous right?

Frankie 10 year old – Retired Police Dog

This brave officer has worked incredibly hard all her life, keeping us all safe.  Although an extremely fit dog, working life inevitably takes its toll.

Frankie, had developed movement patterns over time causing imbalance which in turn, affected her physical movement, flexibility and posture.  This also meant that her energy levels would not have been optimal.

Not only did Frankie graduate the 8 week Core Conditioning Foundation Programme she then went on to intermediate at age 11 years.

Frankie and her handler have done an incredible job in addressing those imbalances in a safe and sustainable way but are also applying the principles I teach in day-to-day life.

What a wonderful girl!

Twiggy 10 year old – Agility superstar

Over time, just like any sporting dog, Twiggy had accrued stresses on her body causing her muscles to compensate and movement and flexibility were compromised.

Do you see how shortened her body became?

Twiggy came to me initially for massage and I must say she responded incredibly well to treatment.  But these old habitual movement patterns led to less flexibility and meant that she would tire more quickly than expected for her fitness levels.

So Twiggy and her owner joined my Core Conditioning classes hoping to improve Twiggys fitness levels.   Together they achieved so much more than that.  Not only did Twiggy graduate the 8-week foundation she also aced Intermediate.  Isn’t she just incredible?

Lady Pepper 10 years old – Pet Dog

Lady is a pet dog with another of our switched-on owners.  I’d treated Lady with Clinical Massage after she was rear-ended by a kid on a scooter.  She responded brilliantly to treatment.

However, this discomfort would over time lead to Lady overcompensating and muscle guarding.  Making her body look visibly shorter.  This of course affected her posture and movement.

When a the 8 week foundation program came up Ladys owner was keen to join to help with Lady’s weight loss plan.

Well, they certainly achieved their goal.  Lady went from 12.4 to 10.9 kgs in just 8 weeks!

Lady sailed through the 8-week foundation program unwinding the compensatory effects which made Lady look bunched up.

Check out the waist!

Dillon  11.5 years old-  Pet Dog

This gorgeous boy is Dillon.

He loves swimming and the beach the best!  He has Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

Incredibly Dillon had phenomenal flexibility but it was clear to me that upon assessment we needed to work on strengthening the core to help his body cope with his conditions and also to help avoid unnecessary compensation.

He worked beautifully for his Mum and having had a massage treatment in between too, he was, by the end of the programme, able to stand straighter and more upright.

He was clearly feeling better too because his Mum told me he was much happier and beginning to get very cheeky.  We all love a cheeky dog

Brandy 4 years old – Pet Dog

Brandys Mum didn’t know very much about conditioning to begin with but always had a passion for training and introducing Brandy to new things.

Unfortunately, Brandy is very nervous and so would not have been at her best in a group class setting.  At the time I hadn’t developed my online course and so recommended Brandy come to me for the 8-week foundation 1-2-1.

I was totally hands-off and Brandy had the space to do everything she needed to so she could excel in the course.

Through the dedication of her Mum and continued online and face-to-face support excel she did!

By the end of the 8 weeks, Brandy looks visibly more comfortable and happier – and that phenomenal bond with her Mum is now unbreakable!

Bodger 8 years old – Scentwork and Agility

Bodger is a scent dog extraordinaire, accumulating lots of certificates along the way.

His normal postural position in the stand was to curve his body to one side.  This indicated to me that there was a shortening of the muscles on the right.

This shortening made perfect sense.  Bodger was always walked on the left – and of course, he would gaze longingly up to the right to see Mum.

Also interesting was that Bodger would always catch his dewclaws during Agility.

We set out to improve Bodgers flexibility and stamina and proprioception (footwork).

We did this and more – Bodgers Mum reported that he did not catch his dew claws after the course.

Look at him – va va voom!