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**Booking Closed** 8 Week CCA Core Foundation (Now Branded Formula 14)

January 27, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - March 17, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

“Finally! someone who understands that my dog is an individual.

Someone who works with me to achieve our personal goals, thank you Angela!”.

Sarah & Billy

  We all want our dogs to live a long healthy and happy life right?  Are you aware that at last count 35% of dogs over the age of 1 year old have arthritis?

We expect so much from our dogs so it’s only right that we take our responsibility as their guardians very seriously.  We know in advance what we are going to expect of our dogs – they have no idea!  So we need to make sure that we put their health at the forefront of our thinking and prepare their bodies for all that we expect life to bring them.  Slow controlled exercises reduce the likelihood of injury and are recommended by leading vets as a way to delay the onset or progression of life-limiting conditions like arthritis.

CCA Core Programmes develop healthy, functional muscle, reducing the stress that joints, tendons and ligaments are under by addressing joint overloading.  This is the best thing you can do for your dog’s joint and muscle health.

Choose the package to suit you

born to run foundation packages

Everything else you need to know about your course.

does my dog need conditioning?

Below are some of the most common signs of muscular imbalance or weakened core.

If your dog:

    • Turns easier one way versus the other.
    • Needs gentle exercise as part of a weight-loss plan
    • Cannot hold a square sit or stand.
    • Cannot hold a sphinx in the down.
    • Back arches in the middle  (Roaching)
    • Back dips in the middle (Swayback)
    • Has flagging energy levels
    • Lacks Flexibility
    • Uneven movement (Gait)
    • Appears clumsy, poor foot placement
    • Performance issues
    • Lacks hindquarter drive
    • Poor forelimb reach
    • Hypertonic lumbar muscle

Please Note: If you are concerned for your dog you should first seek the advice of your vet.

what are the benefits of a strong core?

There are many physiological benefits of core conditioning. However, the list below is what you will physically evident.

Your dog will be visibly:

    • moving better
    • looking better
    • be fitter
    • faster
    • stronger
    • more flexible
    • more physically balanced
    • bouncing with energy
    • more focussed on the handler
    • more driven
    • more precise with foot placement

Of course all of this means your dog will be better equipped to avoid injury!

is this class just for sport/working dogs?

No, this class is an inclusive class that’s suitable for dogs of all ages from working/sport dogs to pet dogs.

I adapt exercise plans to individually suit your dog’s breed, lifestyle, and ability.

I coach dogs from 18 months to 14 years, from those with no issues to those diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia.  In every case, when the plan has been followed as set, I’ve witnessed the most incredible changes.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your dog can participate please contact me to discuss your options.

what happens on day 1 of the programme?

If you have joined a face to face class

Before we begin we will need a start point.  this is so that I can evidence changes to you.

1. I will take measures of your dog’s key muscles and stride length

2.  I will photograph your dog in a stand and a sit.

3.  Then you can pop into the kitchen a grab a cup of tea or coffee and some biccies and cake.  Or stretch your legs on the field outside the hall.

4.  Once ready everyone will come back to the hall where I will tell you more about what to expect during the programme.

5. We will follow up with some simple assessments

6 You take home a couple of exercises you’ll perform just twice before week 2 – just to get you started!

what do i bring to class?

You will need plenty of whatever you use to reward your dog for a good job done!  (Treats or toys or praise)

Bring a water bowl and some water and a pen.

If you normally use a harness please bring a collar and lead for your dog to work on.

It’s optional but you could bring a mat for your dog to settle on while we set up.

Bring whatever makes you and your dog comfortable.


will my dog be working on lead?

All dogs work on a collar and lead rather than in harness.

Dogs remain on lead in class at least for the first 4 weeks until we establish emotional balance in the room.  I find that after this time dogs are only interested in their owners because the energy in the room is calm and focussed.

will i have any homework?

Yes.  At the beginning of the programme you will have a couple of exercises the warm-up and the cool down.

You will do your exercises twice a week.

To begin with, it will take you around 15 mins – by week 4 it will take you around 1hr – 1hr 15mins.

To get the very best support you may have opted for your package to include you uploading videos of your exercises to a private group so that I can continue to help you tweak and fine-tune, without you having to wait to get to class.


Will I need to buy expensive equipment?

Many people opt to buy a set of 10 cones and poles.

However, the beauty of this programme is that you can improvise with whatever you may have laying around at home or in the garden.

I do recommend however you look at ways to film you performing exercises to make them easier to upload.

121 Online £220 for 8 weeks

  • Perhaps your dog isn’t comfortable in a group environment
  • Maybe you don’t want to wait for a group class
  • You want to achieve the same incredible results with me but it’s too far to travel
  • You prefer to train in the comfort of your own home
  • You’d like lifetime access to your course so you can call on it whenever you need it

Click here see how CCA core conditioning continues to change dogs lives


January 27, 2022 @ 6:30 pm
March 17, 2022 @ 7:30 pm
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