“It met all my expectations and much more!

I can really recommend this workshop to everyone, regardless if you got a dog with issues or not.”

These fun, interactive and information packed workshops are for you if you want to learn how to massage your dog at home.

Working with your own dog for the day not only will you learn life changing massage techniques and routines you will explore the wonderful anatomy beneath your dogs skin.  This means you will be able to massage your dog safely and to optimise the benefits of the techniques in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for muscular maintenance between your dogs regular massage treatments!

These workshops are suitable for the discerning pet, sport and working dog owner and are an invaluable source of information for the pet professional

e.g. Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Rescue Centres, Groomers, Hydrotherapists, Coaches/Trainers, Behaviourists, Dog Walkers/Sitters……

Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to Canine Massage is the perfect introduction to dog massage and how you can help your furry best friend! 

We’ll explore the world beneath your dogs skin and uncover just how many biological systems massage influences.

Learn how to spot a muscular issue before it becomes a painful problem!

What to Expect

By the end of this 1 Day Workshop you will be able to give your dog a full body 40 minute swedish massage routine to help loosen stiff, sore, tight muscles, improve their comfort levels and sense of wellbeing.

Over the last 10 years thousands of dog owners have learned how to massage their own dog at home with this interactive, fun, and informative workshop.

Who Is This Workshop Suitable For?

  • Dog lovers and those passionate about the health and longevity of their dogs
  • Pet Dogs
  • Dogs with Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia
  • Active younger dogs
  • Senior or ageing dogs
  •  Dogs who are slowing down
  • Agility or Sporting/Working Dogs
  • Dogs who have stopped doing the things they once did e.g.: get on/off sofa, in/out of car
  • Owners looking to help support their dogs physiotherapy needs
  • Owners who are looking to enable a better quality of life
  • People interested in natural or complementary healthcare
  • Professionals for Continuing Professional Development. This is a self interest workshop only. 
  • Dog Trainers, Groomers, Behaviourists
  • Students of or those considering applying for the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme.

What Will You Learn?

The science behind how and why massage works in addition to the positive physiological and psychological effects it has on our dogs.

Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

Working with your own dog you’ll discover:-

  • How to locate bony landmarks and why its critical before starting any massage routine
  • How to locate your dogs main muscle groups
  • How to spot subtle signs of muscular injury in your dog

Tutorial 2 Swedish Massage Practice

  • Learn a massive 9 techniques from the discipline of swedish massage.
  • Learn & practice passive range of movement – safely and in alignment!
  • As a matter of Best Practice we ensure that each and every dog attending my workshop has a full body palpation.  This is a muscular health check which may flag up areas of muscular issue and pain or joint concerns that may mean a certain type of technique or passive range of motion may not be suitable for them.  This way we can ensure that each dog is given the appropriate massage techniques for that individual.

The muscular health check is offered to your dog as a free service and therefore does not incur any extra charge.

Tutorial 3 Guided Routine and time for Self guided practice.

I will be demonstrating, and then guiding you as you apply the knowledge from the day to give your dog a full body 40 swedish massage routine!

There is also time allocated for self guided practice.  I will be on hand to answer any of your questions and to ensure you are comfortable, competent and confident in your techniques and practice before you return home.




Developing fitness, stability and strength in your sporting dog isn’t just about exercise and training.  

Looking after the 700 muscles in your dogs body is key to avoiding injury. 

In this Sports workshop you’ll take away a warm up, a cool down & maintenance routine!

What to Expect

The best way to complement your dogs sporting needs is to address the hard working muscular system which is often the first place the body will accrue stress, tightness, fatigue and injury that can inhibit normal movement and ultimately performance.  By the end of this fun, information packed workshop you will have a pre and post event massage routine as well as a short maintenance routine to use between events.

Who Is This Workshop Suitable For?

  • Any sport or job that requires your dog to train on a repetitive basis
  • Agility
  • Working Dogs
  • Obedience
  • Flyball
  • Canicross
  • Gun Dogs
  • Working Trials
  • Dog Trainers/Agility Trainers (please note this workshop does not permit you to teach canine massage on or perform it on anyone elses dog. 
  • Heelwork to Music
  • Assistance Dogs
  • Sled Dogs
  • People with active dogs

What Will You Learn?

You will learn the science behind massage and its applications in sport and how pre and post event massage helps to enhance and prolong your dogs sporting life and reduces the likelihood of injury.

Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

Working with your own dog you’ll discover:-

  • How to locate bony landmarks and why its critical before starting any massage routine
  • How to locate your dogs main muscle groups
  • How to spot subtle signs of muscular injury in your dog before they become a performance issue.

Tutorial 2 – Applied Massage

  • 9 massage techniques.  I show you how to massage correctly and confidently by applying a specific number of techniques that work on different fibre directions and layers of muscle to improve their ability to lengthen and contract.

Tutorial 3 – The Pre & Post Event Massage Routine Practice ….PLUS an added bonus…

  • Pre Event Massage.  Learn how to apply a 5-10 minute full body pre event massage to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury
  • Post Event Massage (Cool Down). Learn how to apply a 5-10 minute full body post event massage
  • Maintain and Gain at Home:
  • PLUS A BONUS  ……   Learn how to mix up your massage techniques from earlier in the day with the bonus relaxation inducing massage beneficial for both the body and the mind.



Due To COVID 19 Restrictions Dates For 2021 Workshops & Conditioning Classes To Be Confirmed.

Don’t miss out!  I’m Compiling Waiting Lists for Conditioning and Workshops. 

Born to Run is COVID 19 Certified.

  Covid Compliant Massage bookings and Muscular Health Checks will still go ahead.

Would you like to be added to our Workshop waitlist?

Or perhaps you’d like me to deliver a workshop to your team or club?

Of course I’d be delighted to.

Message me your request and I’ll get right back to you!


I have been a police dog handler for 15 years and continue to expand my knowledge of all that is K9. My ultimate aim is to achieve the best for my dogs and provide them the opportunity to perform at their optimum level. The one day canine massage course for the agility and sporting dog was an eye opener. Much of our work goes against some of the main rules eg. Never work your dog from cold. Angela’s presentation style makes you feel relaxed and able to ask questions. There is never a silly question. The depth of information was set at the right level for me. I was not made to feel like I needed a degree to understand the language that was used. I have come away from the course with the knowledge that will help me to maintain the health and fitness of my dogs . On work days I now have what I am calling a maintenance routine which helps to decrease injury and improve mobility and recovery. If you want to achieve the best from your dog in your chosen sport this course should take top spot.

Amanda & Frankie (Active Retired Police Dog) 

Aggie Mae

I recently attended the Beginners Guide to Canine Massage arranged by Angela at Born to Run.

It was really interesting but easy to follow and I learnt heaps that I didn’t already know.

It was a fun day, packed with useful techniques, Angela is a great teacher and the whole day was very relaxing and enjoyable for all.

My girl Aggie is one happy pup and we would recommend the course to everyone

Mel & Aggie Mae


I attended Beginners Guide to Canine Massage arranged by Born to Run to see if that could help my dog with her compensating issues from an earlier injury.
It met all my expectations and much more!
I can really recommend this workshop to everyone, regardless if you got a dog with issues or not.
Angela is teaching in an easy to understand but still thorough way.
Cicci & Selune


Yesterday I spent the day learning new techniques at the beginners canine massage workshop, hosted and run by the lovely

Angela Day at born to run.
Drake settled straight away which was fabulous to see.
I’d highly recommend this workshop along with the canine conditioning workshops and classes Angela also runs.
Tracey & Drake


I attended the Caine sports massage day with my hyperactive Sprocker. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and which lots of methods which I feel confident to use on my dogs at home. Tess found the day very exciting and found it difficult to settle but Angela was very patient with us and when Tess did relax into the massage she fell into a relaxing sleep. I would recommend to everyone with dogs.

Jo & Tess


We recently attended the Beginners Guide to Canine Massage arranged by Born to Run.
I was curious to see if massage would help us find a way to relax our girl, who can be nervous in certain situations.
Angela guided us through techniques to enable us to work through a full routine that we would be able to use at home.
This course was very relaxed, interactive and fun.
Sarah & Lissy

Molly & Grandad

Hi Angela, thank you so much for the massage workshop, it was amazing and I learnt so much that I didn’t know before that’s going to help Molly and Grandad keep healthy and happy!
Karrie, Molly & Grandad


I really enjoyed the day.  It was great to spend time learning some massage techniques, which will be of benefit to my dogs as well as strengthening our bond.
Zoe & Zircon


A very enjoyable day, providing enough information and clinical content to allow me to feel confident to massage my dogs.  I have three Border Collies who train and work very hard on a daily basis and this course has allowed me to further understand when and how to assist in their wellbeing.  I would defintely recommend this course to anyone who wants their dog to enjoy a better life.

Louise and Kez


I enjoyed the workshop very much.  Very informative and easy to follow.

I am hooked and will definately attend more.

Jana and Honey


I learnt so much and can highly recommend the class.

The teacher is great and My dog Merlin loved it and has been so chilled tonight.   I have learnt so much to help him with his arthritis

Nicola & Merlin


It was a great day and I learnt so much!.  It was good to see Nellie so settled as well being a nervous dog.  She was so happy and relaxed!.  How you explained it and went through everything made it very easy to understand and remember!

Boo and Nellie 


I have 2 dogs that have massages, one who had a cruciate ligament operation, and the other who has a genetic problem with her front leg, causing the leg to curve inwards.
Jenny at Bury St Edmunds Vets suggested massage.  I have been blown away by the difference it has made to their quality of life.
I was so impressed I wanted to learn some simple techniques to massage my own dogs. I  learn’t so much, doing this seals, even further the bond I have with my dogs and most of all helps me understand and identify any pain or discomfort my dogs may be suffering.
Thank you Angela Day of Born To Run you are amazing!!
Sarah & Dave


Angela has transformed my young border collie with her canine conditioning course and helped him enormously with massage. He was very lopsided before the course due to conformation issue with an abnormal gait. After the course this has mostly disappeared and his agility and hoopers course times have become dramatically faster, he is fitter and looks fabulous. I would highly recommend Angela to everyone. Her massages have kept my collie feeling great and injury free. Angela is very kind and incredibly helpful, I’m so pleased to have found out about Born to Run I truly believe without Angela’s help my collie would have not been able to do all the activities we do together.

Charlie & Ronnie

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