Learn Dog Massage

For Beginners and Sports Enthusiasts

“Canine Massage Significantly Reduces Pain Severity in 95% of Dogs”,

Study by University of Winchester Finds

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One of a Handful of Licensed UK  Instructors

The instructor

Angela Day, owner of Born to Run is one of a handful of specialist Workshop Instructors in the UK fully licensed to deliver these one-day massage workshops.

Successfully rehabilitating dogs as a Canine Massage Practitioner for over 5 years Angela is also a Licensed CCA Coach.  Providing the ultimate in muscular healthcare packages.

Freely sharing her knowledge you will learn so much from these fun, interactive, and information-packed workshops.

    the workshop

    Working with your own dog for the day not only will you learn life-changing massage techniques and routines you will explore the wonderful anatomy beneath your dog’s skin.

    In each of these workshops you’ll be taught the skills to able to massage your dog safely in the comfort of your own home.

    • Beginners Guide
    • Sport & Working Dog

    Perfect for muscular maintenance between your dog’s regular massage treatments!

    the outcome

    By the end of the Beginners 1 Day Workshop, you will be able to give your dog a full-body 40-minute Swedish massage routine to help loosen stiff, sore, tight muscles, improve their comfort levels and sense of wellbeing.

    By the end of the Sports 1 Day Workshop, you will have a fabulous warm-up, cool down routine PLUS a short maintenance routine.  

    Over the last 10 years, thousands of dog owners have learned how to massage their own dog at home with this interactive, fun, and informative workshop

    Conditions Clinical Canine Massage Helps

    Lameness -♦- Osteoarthritis -♦- Hip Dysplasia -♦- Elbow Dysplasia -♦- Spondylosis -♦- OCD -♦- Conservative management of Cruciate Injury & Luxating Patella (grades 1 & 2) -♦- Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) -♦-Tendonitis -♦- Sciatica -♦- Soft Tissue Injury (Strains & Sprains) -♦-  Myofascial Pain (often seen as twitchy skin on the back) -♦- CDRM

    workshops are for

    • Dog lovers and those passionate about the health and longevity of their dogs
    • Pet Dogs
    • Dogs with Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia
    • Active younger dogs
    • Senior or ageing dogs
    • Dogs who are slowing down
    • Agility or Sporting/Working Dogs
    • Dogs who have stopped doing the things they once did e.g.: get on/off the sofa, in/out of the car
    • Owners looking to help support their dog’s physiotherapy needs
    • Owners who are looking to enable a better quality of life
    • People interested in natural or complementary healthcare
    • Professionals for Continuing Professional Development.

    Self-interest workshop.

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    Just as in the human world a sports massage therapist keeps the athlete at top of their game.

    Improving the mobility and elasticity of those gorgeous muscles keeps them sliding and gliding freely.

    What will you learn?

    Beginners Guide Workshop

    The science behind how and why massage works in addition to the positive physiological and psychological effects it has on our dogs.

    Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

    Working with your own dog you’ll discover:-

    • How to locate bony landmarks and why it’s critical before starting any massage routine
    • How to locate your dogs main muscle groups
    • How to spot subtle signs of muscular injury in your dog

    Tutorial 2 Swedish Massage Practice

    • Learn a massive 9 techniques from the discipline of a Swedish massage.
    • Learn & practice passive range of movement – safely and in alignment!
    • As a matter of Best Practice, we ensure that each and every dog attending my workshop has full-body palpation.  This is a muscular health check which may flag up areas of muscular issue and pain or joint concerns that may mean a certain type of technique or passive range of motion may not be suitable for them.  This way we can ensure that each dog is given the appropriate massage techniques for that individual.

    The muscular health check is offered to your dog as a free service and therefore does not incur any extra charge.

    Tutorial 3 Guided Routine and time for Self-guided practice.

    I will be demonstrating, and then guiding you as you apply the knowledge from the day to give your dog a full body 40 Swedish massage routine!

    There is also time allocated for self-guided practice.  I will be on hand to answer any of your questions and to ensure you are comfortable, competent, and confident in your techniques and practice before you return home.

    Sport/Working Dog Workshop

    You will learn the science behind massage and its applications in sport and how pre and post-event massage helps to enhance and prolong your dogs sporting life and reduces the likelihood of injury.

    Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

    Working with your own dog you’ll discover:-

    • How to locate bony landmarks and why it’s critical before starting any massage routine
    • How to locate your dog’s main muscle groups
    • How to spot subtle signs of muscular injury in your dog before they become a performance issue.

    Tutorial 2 – Applied Massage

    • 9 massage techniques.  I show you how to massage correctly and confidently by applying a specific number of techniques that work on different fibre directions and layers of muscle to improve their ability to lengthen and contract.

    Tutorial 3 – The Pre & Post Event Massage Routine Practice ….PLUS an added bonus…

    • Pre Event Massage.  Learn how to apply a 5-10 minute full body pre-event massage to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury
    • Post Event Massage (Cool Down). Learn how to apply a 5-10 minute full body post-event massage
    • Maintain and Gain at Home:
    • PLUS A BONUS  ……   Learn how to mix up your massage techniques from earlier in the day with the bonus relaxation-inducing massage beneficial for both the body and the mind.
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    I recently attended the one-day massage workshop and really enjoyed it.

    Angela was great at going through the content and is really knowledgeable.

    I came away confident I could go through the massage routine on my dog.  More importantly, she loved the day and I was surprised at how relaxed she was!

    Highly recommend!

    Emily & Saru

    I had the pleasure of attending one of Angela’s massage workshops and was blown away by how much knowledge she has.

    It was so amazing to see how relaxed the dogs were and Molly absolutely loves our massage sessions!  Not only do I now know what discomfort signs to look for but I also know what to do about them – can’t recommend Angela enough, her level of expertise and also how lovely she is, made the whole day amazing”.                                                       

    Karrie & Molly, Corfu

    I attended the Canine Sports Massage day with my hyperactive Canicross Sprocker. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and I feel confident to use it on my dogs at home.

    I recommend it to everyone with dogs.

    Jo and Tess

    I have been a police dog handler for 15 years.   

    The one-day canine massage course for the agility and sporting dog was an eye-opener.

    I have come away from the course with the knowledge that will help me to maintain the health and fitness of my dogs. 

    If you want to achieve the best from your dog in your chosen sport this course should take the top spot.

    Amanda & Frankie 

    got a question or want to book?

    Check out the FAQ below or send us a message via the contact form.


    Here is a list of the most common questions I’m asked about the workshops.

    will massage help my dog?

    Massage is now clinically proven to reduce pain levels in 95% of dogs and keeps the Agility, Cani-cross, Show, Flyball, Service, Working, Gundogs, and Sled Dogs at the TOP of their game.

    Massage offers significant relief in the treatment of:



    -Hip Dysplasia

    -Elbow Dysplasia

    -Luxating Patella Grades I & II

    -Cruciate Injury (For conservative management or post-op)


    -CDRM / DM


    -Idiopathic Tremors

    -Noise Phobia





    what if my dog doesn't like other dogs?

    If your dog is reactive, or not comfortable at all in the presence of other dogs then this workshop is not for you.  Please wait for me to build my online workshop.  Or ask about a 121 workshop.

    I do, however, have dogs attend who are a little nervous – due to the amount of space I have this should not be a problem.  I just need to know ahead of time to arrange the floorplan.

    Do I work with my own dog?

    Yes, you will work with your own or a dog you’ve borrowed for the day.

    Do I need to bring anything to workshop?

    You will be sent joining instructions and directions by e-mail closer to the date of the workshop. 

    Aside from you and your beautiful dog!

    Bring what makes you both comfortable.  

    • A bed / mat for your dog
    • A water bowl and some treats
    • A crate if you feel they will get tired and need a space to settle.
    • Lunch for yourself
    • A pen
    • A cushion for you to sit on
    • anything else to make you both comfortable
    Can I bring someone along with me?

    Unfortunately, no. 

    In my experience, the group – owners and dogs work and settle better when everyone is engaged in the same activity.

    Should I feed my dog before the workshop?

    My general rule of thumb is that you should not feed your dog within 2 hours of the workshop.

    Please also consider whether your dog will be comfortable travelling after a full breakfast.

    Maybe a half portion is a good compromise provided it’s longer than 2 hours before massage.



    How much does it cost?

    The current cost of the workshop is £110 for the day.