Born To Run: Suffolk Business Wins Big with Theo Paphitis’ #SBS Boost

A small dog service-oriented business in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk called Born To Run recently received a substantial business uplift thanks to Theo Paphitis, a renowned retail entrepreneur and former Dragons Den Star.

This unexpected recognition came during Paphitis’ “Small Business Sunday” (SBS) initiative, a weekly event that aims to spotlight and support small businesses across the UK. Born To Runs founder Angela Day, was chosen from hundreds of entries, as one of the six weekly winners, granting the business a powerful retweet from Paphitis to his more than half a million followers on Twitter and Instagram.


The Spark of Social Media Recognition

Angela, passionate about her business that specialises in pain management and mobility support for dogs, decided to reach out via Twitter during the #SBS event, not expecting to be chosen from hundreds of incredible product-based businesses.

Her tweet caught the eye of Theo Paphitis, who then shared it with his extensive social media audience.

The retweet rocketed Born To Run’s visibility and initiated numerous collaborations with other followers and potential clients.   As a result, the business has seen a significant increase in enquiries and engagement from dog owners seeking support for their pets’ mobility issues.


What Makes Born To Run Stand Out?

Despite the competitive environment, where many businesses focus on tangible products, Born To Run’s commitment to providing tailored massage, rehabilitation, and exercise programs for dogs sets it apart.  Angela has dedicated herself to reducing pain and improving the quality of life for dogs with mobility challenges, brought about by conditions like arthritis.

Over the past eight years, Born to Run have maintained a five-star rating across all services, a testament to their commitment to service excellence and expertise.

The Impact of Winning #SBS on Born To Run

Being featured by Theo Paphitis has brought a new level of recognition and credibility to Born To Run.

It’s not just about the short-term spike in attention; the #SBS feature has longer-term benefits as well.   Born To Run is now listed on the exclusive SBS website, which serves as a hub for all winners, providing a platform to further showcase their services and achievements in the same space as many of the leading household product names and businesses in the UK.

Customer Testimonials and Stories

The stories of transformation and patient pain relief shared by Born To Run’s clients are powerful.  From aging dogs who have regained their mobility to younger dogs who have overcome injuries.  These testimonials underscore the impact of Angela’s work.  Each story serves as a direct indicator of the business’s positive effects on its canine patients.

The Endorsement from Theo Paphitis

Theo Paphitis himself has highlighted the importance of supporting small businesses, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK.” His initiative provides a platform for small businesses to be recognised and to network with like-minded individuals, creating a vast community of support and shared growth.

How to Participate in #SBS

For other small businesses inspired by Born To Run’s story, participating in #SBS is straightforward. Businesses need to tweet Theo Paphitis about their business on Sundays between 5 PM and 7.30 PM using the hashtag #SBS.  Winners are retweeted the following Monday and gain access to the exclusive SBS community, profile opportunities on the SBS website, and invitations to annual networking events.



What is Small Business Sunday (#SBS)?

#SBS is an initiative started by Theo Paphitis in 2010 to support small businesses in the UK. Each Sunday, businesses can tweet Theo to gain a chance to be retweeted to his large following, increasing their exposure and business opportunities.


How does a business qualify for #SBS?  

Any small business can participate by tweeting about their business to Theo Paphitis during the designated time on Sundays with the hashtag #SBS. Theo selects six businesses each week to retweet.

What are the benefits of being an #SBS winner?   

Winners receive a retweet from Theo Paphitis, inclusion on the #SBS website, an opportunity to participate in annual networking events, and access to a supportive business community.


The story of Born To Run exemplifies the transformative power of social media and community support in elevating small businesses. Theo Paphitis’ #SBS initiative not only provides a platform for visibility but also fosters a network of entrepreneurial spirit and collective growth.  For businesses like Born To Run, this recognition is invaluable, creating opportunities and connections that help them thrive in a competitive market.