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Here is a list of the most common questions I’m asked about clinical massage.

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will massage help my dog?

Massage is now clinically proven to reduce pain levels in 95% of dogs and keeps the Agility, Cani-cross, Show, Flyball, Service, Working, Gundogs, and Sled Dogs at the TOP of their game.

Massage offers significant relief in the treatment of:



-Hip Dysplasia

-Elbow Dysplasia

-Luxating Patella Grades I & II

-Cruciate Injury (For conservative management or post-op)




-Idiopathic Tremors

-Noise Phobia




Do I need to bring anything to the appointment?

I need the Vet Consent Form but there is no need to bring anything else to your appointment.  Just you and your beautiful dog!

how long is the massage session?


The initial consultation lasts around 90 mins.  I take around half an hour to perform a gait and postural analysis.  This is simply assessing your dog on the move and in a static position.  I’ll ask about your dog’s medical history, lifestyle, activities environment.  then I will massage for around 45 mins to 1 hour.



These appointments are usually around an hour and are between 7 – 10 days from your initial consultation.


can I exercise my dog before the appointment?

To achieve the best and most sustainable results I recommend you do not strenuously exercise your dog either the day before, on the day, nor the day after massage.

Please ensure your dog is dry for the massage treatment because massaging over wet fur can be painful for your dog.



Can i stay with my dog during the treatment?

Unless there is a specific reason as to why you should not stay (e.g. COVID 19) I would encourage you to stay with your dog during treatment.

how much does a massage treatment cost?

All massage treatments cost £50.00

Working Ethically

I work ethically:

I do not block book – this would not be fair to you as your dog may only require one or two treatments – I cannot know this until I assess your dog.

I will not treat beyond 3 treatments in one treatment programme if you are not seeing positive results.

If massage will work for your dog you WILL see positive changes within 1-3 treatments.