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Protect your dogs spine, muscle & joint health plus the BEST chance at a long-lasting sport or working career.

Struggling with conflicting advice and not knowing who to trust when it comes to your dogs exercise?  Overwhelmed with the amount of information out there?

Well, no more worrying if you’re doing the right thing by expecting your dog to exercise as much as you ask them to.  I’ll show you exactly how you’ll know this.

Working gundog after core conditioning with angela day at Born to Run


35% of dogs over 12 months old have arthritis and 80% of dogs over 8 years old.

Common stresses on joints resulting in arthritis are:

  • Uneven loading on healthy joints
  • Poor conformation
  • Poor posture
  • Poor gait
  • Diet
  • Slippy floors
  • Ball or frisbee launching
  • Inappropriate exercise
  • Obesity
  • Unsuitable breed combinations
  • One-sided training or habits (e.g. always walking your dog on the left)
  • Breed predisposition to orthopaedic conditions

Correct & Precise Movement Patterns Reduce The Risk Of Injury!

What Is Core Conditioning?

  • It’s the foundation to set before fitness or sport specific training.
  • Its an exercise discipline that bridges the gap between physical therapies and sport specific training
  • It’s a deep core workout (think pilates)
  • Bespoke, targeted exercises specific to your dog
  • It a formulation which reduces compensation conformation is unbalanced
  • It’s a complete muscular body rebalance
  • It’s a series of gentle, non-aerobic exercises to improve posture and gait without abnormal loading on joints
  • It prepares your dogs body for the demands of life.

Programmes are targeted, gentle, bespoke, adaptable, and inclusive and therefore are suitable for dogs of all ages breeds, and abilities.

Hunter learning a stretch exercise for Born to Run Core Conditioning program

Hunter learning some exercises

Hunter learning his stretches with Angela Day at Born to Run
Hunter doing some more stretches at Born to Runs core conditioning

Why is Core Conditioning A Must For Modern Lives?

We expect so much of our dogs, but the fact is despite meaning well, we don’t adequately prepare their bodies for the lives we want them to lead.

Core conditioning lays a solid foundation, strengthens the muscles around your dog’s spine, pelvis, thoracic and abdominal areas.  These core muscle groups are crucial for life, your dog’s skeletal stability, agility, coordination, muscle, bone and joint health, plus injury prevention.

The critical element to this is the spine’s stability.  We need to ensure the spinal cord is maximally protected.

the three msk layers of the dog for conditioning

Benefits of Core Conditioning for Dogs

Core conditioning is more than just a physical enhancement.  It improves posture and gait, balance, coordination, cardio, performance, mental and physical agility.  It also improves flexibility which is hugely underestimated as one of the keys to physical longevity in any dog but moreso sport or working dogs.

A strong core reassigns superficial muscles to perform their own job and not overcompensate for underperforming core musculature.   This optimises efficient movement and mitigates the risk of injury.  Canine core conditioning and fitness should not mutually exclusive but are complementary facets of a dog’s overall health regime.  Just because your dog is fit doesn’t mean that their core is either stable or strong. 

Protecting vital organs

A well-conditioned core protects the spine, pelvis, thoracic and abdominal areas and reduces uneven loading on joints, ensuring that your dog can handle more intense and varied physical activities than they would if they’d just had sport specific, working or fitness training.  

This program is VERY different to anything you’ve tried before

This is how it works….

6 Week Program

The course is delivered through a six-week program, featuring 7 weekly live lessons.  On these days I teach and demonstrate the exercises.  (121’s can start anytime)

Online Platform

Once onboard you’ll be granted access to an online learning platform where you’ll find more exercise related resources and dog health and anatomy information.

The start point

We’ll measure specific muscle groups and take postural photos.  These metrics will evidence, tangible, and visible progress by the end of the program.

Bespoke Plans

During the live sessions, I’ll assess your dog’s movement and provide you with a bespoke plan to be performed just 2 more times during that week.

Time commitment

Initially, each homeworking session will take you around around 30 mins.  This will increase and by week 4 it usually takes around 1 hour 15 mins per session.

Video Assessments

I’ll add you to a private facebook group where you can load your exercise videos for assessment and where you’ll receive ongoing support, and motivation.

Ok I get it!  I should core condition my dog to give them best chance of long healthy happy life.  But what makes you so different?

My credentials, experience, approach and consistent results!


A multi-award winning Canine Conditioning Coach, Clinical Massage Practitioner & Rehab Specialist with 8+ years clinical experience. 

I’ll keep my therapist eye on your dog to keep them safe, address weakness, improve functional movement & reduce the risk of injury.

Tailored Plans

Every dog is unique.  They deserve better than a one size fits all program.

Tailored to each dog’s specific needs, I assess your dogs technical ability throughout.  I’ll factor in breed, age, ability, experience, lifestyle, and diagnosed conditions.

Scientific Basis

The exercises are science-backed and ensure that the changes in muscle, tone, flexibility, and overall condition are not just felt but seen.

I’ll share the science with you so that you know not just how to perform the exercises but understand why.

self reliance

I encourage independence of movement and mind.  Your dog will be given the freedom to move their body in a way that works for them, while still working for you.  

You’ll have a more confident dog, coupled with an unbeatable partnership.

Before and after comparisons

Your dog gets one life.  Make it the best!


Muscle Development In Dogs: Getting the Balance Right

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does my dog need core conditioning?

Below are some of the most common signs of muscular imbalance or weakened core.

If your dog:

    • Turns easier one way versus the other.
    • Needs gentle exercise as part of a weight-loss plan
    • Cannot hold a square sit or stand.
    • Cannot hold a sphinx in the down.
    • Back arches in the middle  (Roaching)
    • Back dips in the middle (Swayback)
    • Has flagging energy levels
    • Lacks Flexibility
    • Uneven movement (Gait)
    • Appears clumsy, poor foot placement
    • Performance issues
    • Lacks hindquarter drive
    • Poor forelimb reach
    • Hypertonic lumbar muscle

Please Note: If you are concerned for your dog you should first seek the advice of your vet.

what are the benefits of a strong core?

There are many physiological benefits of core conditioning. However, the list below is what you will physically evident.

Your dog will be visibly:

    • moving better
    • puppies develop better
    • looking better
    • be fitter
    • faster
    • stronger
    • more flexible
    • more physically balanced
    • bouncing with energy
    • more focussed on the handler
    • more driven
    • more precise with foot placement

Of course all of this means your dog will be better equipped to avoid injury!

is this just for sport/working dogs?

No, this is an inclusive program that’s suitable for dogs of all ages from working/sport dogs to pet dogs.

I adapt exercise plans to suit your dog’s breed, lifestyle, and ability.  So every dog has their own unique plan. 

I coach dogs from 18 months to 14 years, from those with no issues to those diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia.  In every case, when the plan has been followed as set, I’ve witnessed the most incredible changes.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your dog can participate please contact me to discuss.

what happens face to face day 1

If you have joined a face to face class

Before we begin we will need a start point.  this is so that I can evidence changes to you.

1. I will take measures of your dog’s key muscles and stride length

2.  I will photograph your dog in a stand and a sit.

3.  Then you can pop into the kitchen a grab a cup of tea or coffee and some biccies and cake.  Or stretch your legs on the field outside the hall.

4.  Once ready everyone will come back to the hall where I will tell you more about what to expect during the programme.

5. We will follow up with some simple assessments

6 You take home a couple of exercises you’ll perform just twice before week 2 – just to get you started!

what do i bring to class?

You will need plenty of whatever you use to reward your dog for a good job done!  (Treats or toys or praise)

Bring a water bowl and some water and a pen.

If you normally use a harness please bring a collar and lead for your dog to work on.

It’s optional but you could bring a mat for your dog to settle on while we set up.

Bring whatever makes you and your dog comfortable.


How do I get started with the online?

Once you express an interest I will send you a link to the online platform.

You’ll have a few questions to answer in the registration area of the platform.

The resources area will open for you in the platform.   This will walk you around your documents and cover what you’ll need for the program.

You’ll also book your zoom calls using the link provided 


Online what happens day 1

Before we begin we will need a start point.  This is so that I can evidence changes and assign exercises for you.

1. You will take measures of your dog’s key muscles

2.  You will photograph your dog in a stand and a sit.  (Front, back and side positions)

3.  You’ll send me the information.

4.  Each week a new module will open with additional information about canine health, wellbeing, or exercise

5. Once a week we will meet on zoom where I give you your exercises live.

6 You’ll perform the exercises just twice more during the week.  You’ll record one set and send for additional guidance.

will i have any homework?

Yes.  At the beginning of the programme you will have a couple of exercises the warm-up and the cool down.

You will do your exercises twice a week.

To begin with, it will take you around 30 mins – by week 4 it will take you around 1hr – 1hr 15mins.

To get the very best support upload videos of your exercises to a private group so that I can continue to help you tweak and fine-tune to achieve optimal results.


will my dog be working on lead?

All dogs work on a collar and lead rather than in harness.

But if you are working at home, a lead may not be necessary.  

My preference is for your dog to work offlead when working in a safe and secure area. 

Do I need expensive equipment?

Many people opt to buy a set of 10 cones and 5 poles plus a low platform similar to an adjustable height aerobic step.

However, the beauty of this programme is that you can improvise with whatever you may have laying around at home or in the garden.

I do recommend however you look at ways to film you performing exercises to make them easier to upload for feedback.

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