When they feel good they 

live their best life!

Born to Run


You have taken the first step towards improving your dogs’ longevity and quality of life.  

Born to Run improves dogs health, fitness and well being from the inside out. 


I’m Angela Day


You and I have something amazing in common. 

We both want your dog to live a long, happy and

pain free life!

Through the science of clinical massage and core fitness & conditioning I help you to completely transform your dogs’ life with results you will see and your dog will feel.

Massage releases tight, sore muscles  improving, gait & posture, resolving lameness and reducing or eliminating pain – giving your dog back their “zest for life”  

Core fitness & conditioning strengthens your dogs core muscles improving gait, posture,  balance, mental and physical agility, focus, co-ordination, flexibility and endurance.

….because when they feel good they live their best life! 

“After just one session his limp went completely.”

If your dog suffers from joint, neck, shoulder, back, hip or performance problems massage provides a natural way to reduce or eliminate pain. 


Did you know that proactive massage is the big secret which is keeping the UK’s canine athletes at the top of their game?

Visible results in 1-3 sessions!

“The changes in Llanis body are nothing short of a miracle!” 

Whether you have a sport or pet dog we all want our dogs to live their best lives and to be free of pain and injury.

Using science based exercises, the Canine Conditioning Academy Core Conditioning Programme supports the musculoskeletal system from puppies right through to the elderly dog.

I am your dog/teams personal trainer.

Strength from the Inside Out!

Merlin loved it.   I have learnt so much to help with his arthritis”

When you massage your dog it nurtures the most unbreakable bond.

Working with your own dog you’ll learn to reduce the risk of muscular injury and help loosen tight, sore muscles to improve comfort levels and wellbeing. 

But that’s not all!  You learn a brilliant routine to use at home!

“This is a Game Changer!”

Muscular Health Checks

Dogs accrue muscular stress and injury like we do.

The body sacrifices muscle first to trauma or injury.  

It is commonly misconceived that bone creates movement but it is, in fact, muscle.

When your dog is lame or limping would it make sense to check whether muscle/soft tissue could be the primary cause?

For The First Time Ever!

  I am opening up my clinic just four times a year for muscular health checks!

Costing just £5, if you decide to book a treatment I will deduct this £5 from your initial consultation.

What do you have to lose?

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Why I Became A Core Conditioning Coach For Dogs
Why I Became A Core Conditioning Coach For Dogs

You know sometimes you get a feeling there's more to what you see but you just can't put your finger on it? Performing massage with years of clinical work under my belt, I’ve witnessed some of the most incredible moments and outcomes from this results driven therapy...

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