Core Conditioning

for Dogs

in suffolk

Angela Day is Suffolk’s leading dog fitness and core conditioning instructor providing Expert guidance for long term muscular health

Puppy classes

Suitable from the age of 12 Weeks – 8 months of age

In-person groups of 6 or less.

You can book

8, 12 , 16 or 36 week classes.

Indoor training venue in Bury St Edmunds.

Focussing on functional movement rather than a trip around an elephant stand or balancing on instability equipment Born to Run sets your puppy up for life with gentle, fun exercises.

1-2-1  IN PERSON OR Online (Any AGE)

I am a leading core instructor known for getting consistently incredible results.  Get the same phenomenal results for your dog without you worrying about your dog mixing in a group environment or travelling.

1-2-1  (Online) 8 x 1hr Sessions £495 + Access to learning platform

1-2-1 (In Person) 8 x 1.5hr Sessions £595 + Access to learning platform



Is core training just hype or is it an essential skill to reduce injury and improve PB’s and the performance of your team?

How about a taster session for your dog training group?

I take your team through the musculoskeletal system, common injuries, and signs of pain and explain why optimal core condition is critical for all of your dog’s life stages.

Enquire about one-day workshops.

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What’s Core Conditioning?

  • A deep core workout
  • Bespoke, targeted exercises specific to your dog
  • Creates muscular balance when conformation needs help
  • A complete muscular body rebalance
  • Gentle, non-aerobic exercises improving posture and gait without abnormal loading on joints
  • Preparation of the body for the demands of your dogs life

Programmes are gentle, bespoke, adaptable, and inclusive and therefore are suitable for dogs of all ages breeds, and abilities.


Why Does Your Dog Need It?

  • In puppies encourages balanced and correct movement which in turn helps those developing joints, safely
  • The correct, automated efficient movement will result in fewer injuries or apparent clumsiness
  • Builds strong efficient, effective muscle around joints
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Strengthens the core to support the back and pelvis
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Good for back pain and stiffness in older dogs
  • It’s just great fun!

Dogs move better, feel better, and have bags more energy!

Key Elements of Core Conditioning

Core conditioning improves these key areas

The Core– Balance– Mental (Focus & Agility)– Flexibility– Cardio- Strength- Sport Specifics

All elements work together to give your dog the most phenomenal Core, Posture and Movement!

Piper the grade 6 Agility Collie




Molly the working spaniel at the born to run intermediate class




How Does Poor Core Strength Affect My Dog?

Poor core strength and body awareness results in slowing down, reduced focus, inflexibility, and flagging energy levels.

In puppies it can result in uneven muscle and joint development and weakness.

Poor footwork leads to mistimed obstacles, apparent clumsiness, accidents, and an increased likelihood of injury.

Uneven loading on joints impacts joint health too!

Leading orthopaedic specialists  recognise that a huge factor in the rapid increase of cruciate injury and early onset arthritis in dogs is over emphasis on sport specific training NOT ENOUGH on core conditioning!

Why train with Born to Run?

your Coach

Angela Day

  • Unanimous 5 Star Feedback
  • Licensed CCA Coach
  • Founder of Born to Run
  • Founder of The Canine Advocate
  • Small Animal Rehab Specialist
  • Canine Massage Practitioner
  • Fully Insured
  • OFQUAL qualified Canine First Aider
  • Experienced physical therapist (8+Years)

bespoke plans

Born to Run celebrates what makes our dogs unique.  

One size does not fit all.

Using the thorough 6 step assessment process I identify areas of muscular imbalance or weakness in your dog and build a plan to address to rebalance the body.

Slow controlled and targeted these plans help to build the core and fitness levels safely, gently and sustainably.

your goals

Some examples of participants conditioning goals for their dogs.  I’d like my dog to

  • develop correctly
  • stand better
  • move better
  • be faster
  • be fitter and to help them avoid injury
  • focus more on me
  • be comfortable around other dogs
  • be more confident
  • be prepared for competition
  • have a long working/sporting career
  • to stay mobile, he has arthritis
  • to lose weight

What would you like to achieve? 

Real Results



Could you be affecting your dog’s muscular development?

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does my dog need core conditioning?

Below are some of the most common signs of muscular imbalance or weakened core.

If your dog:

    • Turns easier one way versus the other.
    • Needs gentle exercise as part of a weight-loss plan
    • Cannot hold a square sit or stand.
    • Cannot hold a sphinx in the down.
    • Back arches in the middle  (Roaching)
    • Back dips in the middle (Swayback)
    • Has flagging energy levels
    • Lacks Flexibility
    • Uneven movement (Gait)
    • Appears clumsy, poor foot placement
    • Performance issues
    • Lacks hindquarter drive
    • Poor forelimb reach
    • Hypertonic lumbar muscle

Please Note: If you are concerned for your dog you should first seek the advice of your vet.

what are the benefits of a strong core?

There are many physiological benefits of core conditioning. However, the list below is what you will physically evident.

Your dog will be visibly:

    • moving better
    • puppies develop better
    • looking better
    • be fitter
    • faster
    • stronger
    • more flexible
    • more physically balanced
    • bouncing with energy
    • more focussed on the handler
    • more driven
    • more precise with foot placement

Of course all of this means your dog will be better equipped to avoid injury!

is this class just for sport/working dogs?

No, this class is an inclusive class that’s suitable for dogs of all ages from working/sport dogs to pet dogs.

I adapt exercise plans to individually suit your dog’s breed, lifestyle, and ability.

I coach dogs from 18 months to 14 years, from those with no issues to those diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia.  In every case, when the plan has been followed as set, I’ve witnessed the most incredible changes.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your dog can participate please contact me to discuss your options.

what happens in group classes on day 1

If you have joined a face to face class

Before we begin we will need a start point.  this is so that I can evidence changes to you.

1. I will take measures of your dog’s key muscles and stride length

2.  I will photograph your dog in a stand and a sit.

3.  Then you can pop into the kitchen a grab a cup of tea or coffee and some biccies and cake.  Or stretch your legs on the field outside the hall.

4.  Once ready everyone will come back to the hall where I will tell you more about what to expect during the programme.

5. We will follow up with some simple assessments

6 You take home a couple of exercises you’ll perform just twice before week 2 – just to get you started!

what do i bring to class?

You will need plenty of whatever you use to reward your dog for a good job done!  (Treats or toys or praise)

Bring a water bowl and some water and a pen.

If you normally use a harness please bring a collar and lead for your dog to work on.

It’s optional but you could bring a mat for your dog to settle on while we set up.

Bring whatever makes you and your dog comfortable.


will my dog be working on lead?

All dogs work on a collar and lead rather than in harness.

Dogs remain on lead in class at least for the first 4 weeks until we establish emotional balance in the room.  I find that after this time dogs are only interested in their owners because the energy in the room is calm and focussed.

will i have any homework?

Yes.  At the beginning of the programme you will have a couple of exercises the warm-up and the cool down.

You will do your exercises twice a week.

To begin with, it will take you around 15 mins – by week 4 it will take you around 1hr – 1hr 15mins.

To get the very best support you may have opted for your package to include you uploading videos of your exercises to a private group so that I can continue to help you tweak and fine-tune, without you having to wait to get to class.


Do I need expensive equipment?

Many people opt to buy a set of 10 cones and poles.

However, the beauty of this programme is that you can improvise with whatever you may have laying around at home or in the garden.

I do recommend however you look at ways to film you performing exercises to make them easier to upload.


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