Core Conditioning

and Fitness

for Dogs

Angela has transformed my young border collie.

He was averaging 38 secs on an agility jump run – this improved to 32/33 seconds by week 5!

I truly believe without Angela’s help my collie would have not been able to do all the activities we do together.

Charlie & Ronnie

What Is Core Conditioning?

Developed by the Canine Conditioning Academy it is a series of science-based exercises bridging the gap between Canine Physical therapies and Sport Specific Training.

These slow, controlled, low impact exercises gently and safely target and address muscular weakness in your dog’s body making them suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities.

I teach you how to strengthen your dogs core by improving coordination, strength, mental and physical agility, flexibility, fitness, and muscle function in the same way as your personal trainer would.

When your dog uses the correct muscles at the correct time, he or she will move in a more balanced and coordinated way, reducing the risk of injury.

Your dog will be happier, look better, feel better, and have bags more energy!

How Does Poor Core Strength Affect My Dog?


Poor core strength and body awareness results in slowing down, reduced focus, inflexibility, and flagging energy levels.

Poor footwork leads to mistimed obstacles, apparent clumsiness, accidents, and an increased likelihood of injury.

Uneven loading on joints impacts joint health too.

Dog Joints Core Core conditioning to help joint pain

Can Core Conditioning Help Your Dog?

Bodger is a pet dog who loves scentwork and obedience.

His normal standing position was to curve his body to the right.  He appeared to be less flexible on the right side.  The measurements I took showed that over time this had impacted muscle development on both his left and right.

Why would this be?

Bodger was always walked on the left at the same time he would gaze lovingly up to the right to see Mum.

Bodger also used to catch his dewclaws during Agility training.

I set out to improve Bodgers flexibility, stamina and proprioception (footwork).

We did this and so much more just look at him – va va voom!

An unexpected and great side-effect of the course was when Bodgers Mum reported that he hadn’t caught his dew claws since completing the course.

Sarah & Bodger

Signs of A Weak Core

Your Dog:

    • Turns easier one way versus the other.
    • Cannot hold a square sit or stand.
    • Cannot hold a sphinx in the down.
    • Back arches in the middle  (Roaching)
    • Back dips in the middle (Swayback)
    • Has flagging energy levels
    • Lacks Flexibility
    • Uneven movement (Gait)
    • Appears clumsy, poor foot placement
    • Performance issues
    • Lacks hindquarter drive
    • Poor forelimb reach
    • Hypertonic lumbar muscle

The Benefits of Core Conditioning

Your dog will be visibly:

    • moving better
    • looking better
    • be fitter
    • faster
    • stronger
    • more flexible
    • more physically balanced
    • bouncing with energy
    • more focussed
    • more driven
    • more precise with foot placement
    • better equipped to avoid injury!


Key Elements of Core Conditioning

Core Strength – Balance – Mental & Physical Agility – Flexibility – Strength – Cardio

Why Train With Born To Run?

Angela Day Owner of Born to Run and Dog Muscle Expert

I have successfully undergone the intense training of the Canine Conditioning Academy to qualify as a Licensed CCA Coach.

I come at this from so many different angles.  As a team member and competitor in the England karate squad, as a Karate Instructor, and as a Sprinter I have a truly unique view on muscle, and on performance and sports training straight from the podium.

Using the science of biomechanics and kinesthetics, the most recent research in muscle training for acceleration, deceleration, and plyometrics I have produced consistent results for sport and pet dogs time and time again.

I am a member of the Canine Massage Guild and International Association of Animal Therapists.  I spent 2 years and approx 1200 hours of study to become a Canine Massage Practitioner.

With over 5 years in clinical practice, I have treated and rehabilitated muscle and soft tissue injuries in hundreds of dogs.

I am fully insured and a Canine first aider.


I will change how you look at your dog forever!

Born to Run, Massage Therapy, Core Conditioning & Fitness Classes & Workshops

for the dogs of Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Lavenham, Stowmarket, Newmarket, Thetford, Diss, Wickhambrook, Dunmow.

Not in these areas?  Don’t worry we are also online!


Twiggy is a canine athlete, a grade 6 agility dog who trains almost every week.  I knew she had a preference for turning left over right and has spent her lifetime (9 years), selecting the preference.

So, although I expected this course to help her balance her body I’m amazed that according to the physical measurements she is now essentially even and balanced.  Her fitness has improved too.

Claire & Twiggy 


More playful when in teaching with me, less obvious stiffness in hind end.

Budds flexibility greatly improved and range of movement beyond all expectations.

Its a full on commitment but 100% worth it to get a stronger dog.  Love love loved it!

Helen & Buddy 


Bodgers back end has muscled up in a much better and more even way.
I have also noticed that he would always catch his right dew claw whilst training for agility.
So far this has not happened I think this is a combination of him being more balanced and me getting my turn commands in early enough for him to turn better.
Sarah & Bodger


Zak has more confidence with foot placement during water treadmill sessions and has more balance when moving slowly.

I consider this to be ongoing throughout Zak’s life – this course has gioven me the knowledge to do this.


Louise & Zak


Trim is Stronger, more aware of foot position, increased concentration and focus, tighter turns, less pole knocking.

Less doing her own thing when agility training.

For Trim and me the course structure & Support was perfect.  It was fun too!

Love the video critiques – very helpful!

Debbie & Trim


Once again, thank you for a fabulous class – insightful, thought provoking and appears to have made such a difference helping to balance my gorgeous boy xx

Andrea & Dillon


Purls body looks and feels stronger.

The course has given me a warm-up for agility and a toned fit dog for her life.

This course is perfect for those competing at agility to improve performance and health and well-being.

Jane & Purl

Lady Pepper

I didn’t really know what to expect but this course exceeded my expectations!.

This was the perfect complement to Ladys diet change but I didn’t know she’d go from 12.4 kgs to 10.9 kg in just 8 weeks!

Jasmine & Lady


The course highlighted how imprinted my dog was to heeling on my left hand side.  this has now been addressed leading to a better balanced dog.
Frankie is more flexible with muscle build around the neck and glutes areas.
If you wish to learn how to improve your dogs fitness in a measured, structured and fun way this is the course for you.
Amanda & Frankie


Brandy is noticeably healthier.  Walking backwards in heel, bowing and wrapping a pole, which we have always struggled with previously.

Her sits and downs are straighter and Brandy has a lot more energy than she used to.  The course was great – thank you!

Lauren & Brandy




Angela has transformed my young border collie.

He was averaging 38 secs on an agility jump run – this improved to 32/33 seconds by week 5!

I truly believe without Angela’s help my collie would have not been able to do all the activities we do together.

Charlie & Ronnie


Dora is more focussed on me when competing and is more supple.

This course has given me the tools to help her be the best agility dog she can be.

I had no idea how much I didn’t know about the dog’s nervous and muscular system – I’d never heard of fascia.

I miss our sessions already.  We have loved every minute, thank you so much.

Dawn & Dora


I wanted to help Layla learn to think more about how she used her body.

Aside from the physical changes, I noticed her really starting to think about her leg placements.  She loved learning the techniques and engaging both her brain and body.

I HIGHLY recommend the course to anyone with a sighthound as it reminds them there is another gear between standing still and super speedy!

Juliette & Layla


I have completed the foundation and intermediate conditioning course with my eldest dog.
The results in Molly were phenomenal in just eight weeks! Angela was supportive and Molly loved “class”.

Julie & Molly