More Focus!  Faster!  Fitter!  More Energy!  Brilliant Course!

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re in it to win it and I cannot wait to get you started!

Coming full circle to clinical massage it is my privilege to deliver to you Core Conditioning programmes to offer you the complete muscular wellness package. 

These are no ordinary conditioning programmes, these are Canine Conditioning Academy programmes!   

Poor core strength and body awareness results in slower speeds, reduced focus, inflexibility and flagging energy levels.  Poor footwork leads to mistimed obstacles, accidents and the increased likelihood of injury. 

CCA Core Conditioning for the canine athlete is literally the difference between winning or losing.  For our pet dogs these programmes are life changing.

You know Yussein Bolt famously said that “the race is the easy part.”  The hard part is the training, a huge proportion of which is core fitness training.

Sport specific training alone does not make you a top athlete!


Meet handsome Chewy, a young pet dog who graduated my 8 week core foundation class.

Doesn’t he look fabulous?!

“Developing Strength From The Inside Out”

So How Do We Achieve These Phenomenal Results Time and Time Again?


With Science of Course!

Think of me as your dogs personal trainer.  I’m not an animal physiotherapist.

The best way to look at the difference is to compare to the human world.

Physios are trained to rehabilitate, Personal Trainers, Instructors or Coaches are trained to improve, develop condition & fitness.

Why Does My Dog Need It?

Weak core muscles are endemic in our dogs.  Our lifestyles, our habits, our training regimes can negatively impact our dogs muscular development.

E.g. walking/training your dog on only one side can result in uneven muscle development and extra stress on joints.

Signs of a Weak Core

Your Dog:

  • Turns easier one way versus the other.
  • Cannot hold a square sit or stand.
  • Cannot hold a sphinx in the down.
  • Back arches in the middle  (Roaching)
  • Back dips in the middle (Swayback)
  • Has flagging energy levels
  • Lacks Flexibility
  • Uneven movement (Gait)
  • Appears clumsy, poor foot placement
  • Performance issues
  • Lacks hindquarter drive
  • Poor forelimb reach
  • Hypertonic lumbar muscle

Your dogs health & safety is always at the forefront of my mind.  As your core conditioning instructor and using my extensive skillset as a massage practitioner I am continually assessing your dogs movement and adpating their exercise plan.

Note:  Some of the above may also be some of the 5 principles of pain. 

This is why it is vital that your dogs core instructor has had the necessary training to know the difference between a weak core, a handling or training issue or muscular or other injury.

Cause of Uneven Muscle Growth

  • Walking your dog just on one side
  • Training your dog just on one side
  • Only walking your dog on flat ground
  • Conformation (How they are built)
  • Inappropriate exercise
  • Over exercise
  • Inappropriate use of equipment (eg balance balls)
  • Sport specific training only
  • A restrictive or poorly fitted harness
  • Constant pulling on lead
  • Previous injury

Its no surprise that each of these may also be a precursor to soft tissue or muscular injury.

It is imperative that our dogs muscles are adequately developed, adapted and strong enough to support the skeleton, that all joints are moved through their full range and that exercise/training is balanced with proper core training delivered by an appropriately qualified specialist coach.


Why Is Core Training Essential?

The key here is to avoid injury.

The better and more efficiently your dog moves the less likely they are to injure.

The responsible thing to do is to strengthen your dogs core before joining your agility, canicross, working dog training or at the very least join my programme and I can help you work safely alongside it.

As with any human athlete your dogs core muscles should be primed and ready for the training ahead.

This way you and your dog get to enjoy the sport, job or just have fun safely for much longer.

It’s really never too late!

Many of my students have successfully taken dogs between the ages of 10 and 14 years through the 8 week programme with astounding results.

How Does Conditioning Work?

Your dog will systematically develop strength and improved muscle performance as I teach you how to spot and target weakness and imbalance including exercises to address them.

Your dog will look, feel and move better, have more energy and focus.

How Does Core Training Work?

First you must lay the foundation for sound muscular health.

CCA Core Conditioning at Foundation level is the ultimate programme for all activity, exercise and muscular wellbeing.

Using proven, science-based, slow, controlled and targeted exercises I systematically seek out muscular weakness and imbalance to improve your dogs muscular performance.

Here are some of the fundamentals of core muscle health you will work on.

  • Core Strength and Efficiency
  • Balance
  • Mental & Physical Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Co-ordination

Using my knowledge of muscle including biomechanics and kinesthetics and the most recent research in muscle training for acceleration, deceleration and plyometrics, the Intermediate and Advanced classes will propel your dog to new and dizzy heights of performance and success! 


What To Expect?

Expect phenomenal and life long returns for your 8 week investment!

Unlike most dog training classes I will not give you a series of exercises and send you on your way.

You do not need fancy equipment!

I Will:

*Fully assess your dogs posture and movement.

*Perform a ground assessment.  (A Series of exercises to establish areas of weakness).

*Take before and after photos to keep track of progress and highlight improvments.

*Explain the science behind the exercises and teach you how to safely progress.

*Measure specific muscle groups, and take photos to keep track on progress.

*Continually assess your dog using breed standards, lifestyle, job, sport, activities of daily living, measures, photos and video or Zoom recordings of how the exercises are performed.

The resultant plan is unique to your dog.

I will shower you with a multitude of ideas of performing the exercises without having to spend out on a heap of fancy equipment.

You will :

  • Learn how to assess your own dog’s movement and posture
  • Learn exercises that target specific muscle groups
  • Learn science based and effective fitness and exercise basics
  • Learn a safe warm up and cool down
  • Be given an individual plan for your dog to work on between lessons.
  • See the difference physically and in your dogs body confidence
  • Receive ongoing support in an interactive Facebook or Zoom Group
  • Receive ongoing assessments on both exercise performance and
  • Receive updated plans to ensure breed, age, sport and dog specific progress is made.
  • Perform a series of exercises twice a week in addition to your class to achieve the best results for your best friend.  (Time commitment is about 45- 50 minutes per session).

At Intermediate and Advanced I increase speed, hone technique introduce new sporting principles and up the challenge!

Can Any Dog Join?

From puppies (yes puppies! from around 6 months) to elderly dogs, this programme is designed to suit all.

You know, I hear a lot in the human fitness world “no pain no gain!”.

This emphatically does not apply to our style of training for your dog.

If you are happy for your dog to train whilst in pain we are not for you.

However, if you would like us to continually assess your dog, challenge them physically, but to show you how to spot tireness before that becomes fatigue before that becomes overworked muscle, before that becomes an injury then you are definitely in the right place!

Exercises are science based, precise, slow, controlled and repetative.

All programmes are targeted to suit each individual dogs abilities.

Our Moto?

“In Pain – Don’t Train!”



What Are The Benefits?

100’s of dogs from the worlds of Agility, Canicross, Obedience, Show, Working Trials, Sled Dogs, Service Dogs, Search & Rescue, pet dogs….  have completed this revolutionary programme with outstanding results.  

Our oldies get a new lease of life!

What are the Benefits?

Your dog will:

  • be happier
  • be fitter
  • be faster
  • be stronger
  • be more flexibile
  • look more physically balanced
  • be bouncing with energy
  • be more focussed
  • be more driven
  • move better
  • stand better
  • have more precise foot placement
  • be better equipped to avoid injury!

Sport Specific Improvements


Agility, Flyball, Canicross, Mushing, Gundogs, Service Dogs, Search & Rescue, Mantrailing, Working Trials  and on……

  • more focus
  • more drive
  • more energy
  • fitter
  • stronger
  • faster runs
  • no eliminations
  • precision turns
  • no quibble contacts
  • effortless weaves
  • clean jumps and hurdles

Show/Obedience Dogs                                         Your dog demonstrates:

  • a fabulous neck
  • relaxed well muscled shoulders
  • a beautiful topline
  • balanced body
  • phenomenally muscled in all the right places
  • a tuck to die for
  • Breed standard supreme with effortless movement and stride from drive through reach.
  • Foot placement perfection.  

In fact, no matter what the sport or job CCA Core Conditioning sets your dog up perfectly to acheive your goals!

Why Train With Born To Run?

As a competitor in the England karate squad,  as a karate instructor and sprinting competitor I have a truly unique view on muscle, performance and sports training straight from the podium.  

I have successfully undergone the intense training of the Canine Conditioning Academy to qualify as a Licensed CCA Coach and have produced phenomenal results for sport and pet dogs time and time again.

In addition, I spent 2 years and approx 1200 hours of study to become a Canine Massage Practitioner.  I am a member of the Canine Massage Guild and International Association of Animal Therapists.  

With over 5 years in clinical practice I have treated and rehabilitated muscle and soft tissue injuries in hundreds of dogs.   

I am a Canine first aider trained by the phenomenal Rachel Bean. 

I can’t wait to team up with you and your dog and to change how you look at your dog forever.   

Lets turn those dreams into wins!


Twiggy is a canine athlete, a grade 6 agility dog who trains almost every week. 

I knew she had a preference for turning left over right and has spent her lifetime (9 years), selecting the preference. 

So, although I expected this course to help her balance her body I’m amazed that according to the physical measurements she is now essentially even and balanced. 

Her fitness has improved too.

Claire & Twiggy 


More playful when in teaching with me, less obvious stiffness in hind end.

Budds flexibility greatly improved and range of movement beyond all expectations.

Its a full on big commitment with homework but 100% worth it to get a stronger dog and a plan to maintain going forward.

love love loved it!

Helen & Buddy 


Bodgers back end has muscled up in a much better and more even way.
I have also noticed that he would always catch his right dew claw whilst training for agility.
So far this has not happened I think this is a combination of him being more balanced and me getting my turn commands in early enough for him to turn better.
Sarah & Bodger


Zak has more confidence with foot placement during water treadmill sessions and has more balance when moving slowly.  

I consider this to be ongoing throughout Zak’s life – this course has gioven me the knowledge to do this.


Louise & Zak


Thanks very much Angela for all you have taught us.

Most of all the easily understandable way you did it and with a lot of patience thrown in for us older brains to absorb.

Delighted with the results so far and excited to do and learn more during the intermediate level.

You are truly in your niche!

Christine & Copper


Trim is Stronger, more aware of foot position, increased concentration and focus, tighter turns, less pole knocking.

Less doing her own thing when agility training.

For Trim and me the course structure & Support was perfect.  It was fun too! 

Love the video critiques – very helpful!

Debbie & Trim


Once again, thank you for a fabulous class – insightful, thought provoking and appears to have made such a difference helping to balance my gorgeous boy xx

Andrea & Dillon


Purl has buffed up, toned up.  Body looks and feels stronger.

The course has given me a warm up for agility and a toned fit dog for agility and for all of her life. 

Reaslised the improtance of this type of training to help my dog acheive optimal performance.

This course is perfect for those competing at agility to improve performance and health and well being.  

Jane & Purl


The course delivered more than expected.

Her posture and shape completely changed.

Muscle, strength, presents happier.

I learnt so much about Lanis body language

The changes in Llanis body are nothing short of a miracle.

Lisa, Jeff & Llani 

Lady Pepper

I didn’t really know what to expect but this course exceeded my expectations!.

This was the perfect complement to Ladys diet change but I didn’t know she’d go from 12.4 kgs to 10.9 kg in just 8 weeks!


The course highlighted how imprinted my dog was to heeling on my left hand side.  this has now been addressed leading to a better balanced dog.
Frankie is more flexible with muscle build around the neck and glutes areas.
If you wish to learn how to improve your dogs fitness in a measured, structured and fun way this is the course for you.
Amanda & Frankie


The course has made such a massive change in her not only physically but mentally.

She so much more confident, she wants to trot everywhere, shes like “come on mum”.

She knows where her back feet are, which is massive!!!

as i always said before she doensnt know she has back feet, used to be so clumbsyx

Freya & Skye


Brandy is noticeably healthier. 

Walking backwards in heel, bowing and wrapping a pole etc,. which we have always struggled with previously.

Her sits and downs are straighter.

Brandy has a lot more energy than she used to.

The course was great – thank you!

Lauren & Brandy




Angela has transformed my young border collie with her canine conditioning course and helped him enormously with massage. He was very lopsided before the course due to conformation issue with an abnormal gait.   

After the course this has mostly disappeared and his agility and hoopers course times have become dramatically faster, he is fitter and looks fabulous.   He was averaging 38 secs on an agility jump run – this improved to 32/33 seconds by week 5!

I would highly recommend Angela to everyone. Her massages have kept my collie feeling great and injury free.    Angela is very kind and incredibly helpful, I’m so pleased to have found out about Born to Run I truly believe without Angela’s help my collie would have not been able to do all the activities we do together.


I have just completed the 8 week Core Conditioning Foundation course with Angela.

I have learnt a lot and taken a lot away with me.

I can see Spud has an improved gait and now stands and sits properly, he also enjoys his exercises.

Highly recommended and I am looking forward to following it up with the intermediate course. Thanks Angela.

Hayley & Spud


Dora is more focussed on me when competing and is more supple.  

This course has given me the tools tohelp her be the best agility dog she can be.

I had no idea how much I didn’t know about the dogs nervous and muscular system – I’d never heard of fascia.

I miss our sessions already.  We have loved every minute, thank you so much.

Dawn & Dora


I didn’t expect such an improvement.  Cassies overall movement is better.  shes always been prone to frequent limping on her front legs – this has significantly improved.

She looks happier, her eyes are bright.  In some ways she’s like a puppy again!   

Loads of information & feedback plus the ongoing records and photos. 

It was excellent!

Judy & Cassie


Layla has always been a fit and healthy dog, but being a whippet is prone to pulls and strains from her speedy antics and almost instant turning.  Having dealt with a few strains in quick succession I wanted to help her with balancing her body and not rushing through everything at super speed, I wanted her to learn to think more about how she used her body, especially as we were doing a lot of agility together.

The conditioning course certainly helped that! Aside from the physical changes, which were so obvious with her physique, I noticed her really starting to think about her leg placements and How she was going to move through obstacles. She enjoyed the experience far more than I though she would and was eager to get going each week. She loved learning the techniques and engaging both her brain and body. 

I would HIGHLY recommend the course to anyone with a sighthound as it helps so much with them engaging their mind along with their body, and also reminding them there is another gear between standing still and super speedy! But it is also really helpful to sports dogs to help their conditioning and overall physical agility.

I’m really looking forward to moving up to the next stage together. Thank you Angela!


I have completed the foundation and intermediate conditioning course with my eldest dog.
The results in Molly were phenomenal in just eight weeks! Angela was supportive and Molly loved “class”.

Julie & Molly

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