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“Clinical Canine Massage Significantly

Reduces Pain Severity in Dogs”,

Study by University of Winchester Finds

Clinical Trials Data Contributor

The Trials

The Lenton Method™ – a 3-tiered approach to the evaluation and treatment of the canine patient who presents with soft tissue or musculoskeletal injuries and/or degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis.

  • Data submitted in 2018
  • A cohort of 527 dogs and owners
  • 65 Canine Massage Guild practitioners. I was one of those Practitioners 
  • This work was approved by the Ethics Committee, University Centre Sparsholt UK (ref Riley: Canine Massage Project)
  • Assessment of 5 Key Pain Indicators

    The Therapy

    Clinical massage , is non-invasive and involves the assessment and manipulation of muscles and fascia to resolve or manage pain and dysfunction related to soft tissue injury.

    It addresses the protective splinting of muscles that occur with orthopaedic conditions.  The focus of clinical massage is to work with veterinary diagnosed conditions to rehabilitate muscular issues which cause pain, restrict or inhibit movement and affect posture.

    The Results

    The study shows a significant decrease in pain severity following canine massage therapy as delivered by those taught by the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. 

    In fact in 95% of dogs tested, pain was significantly reduced.

    As a contributor to these ground-breaking clinical trials research into the efficacy of Canine Massage Therapy, I am delighted to report that the results are now published in Vet Record, a peer-reviewed medical journal distributed by the British Veterinary Association.  Access the Research

    Clinical Canine Massage Supported Diagnoses

    Myalgia (muscle pain and weakness)  -♦- Soft Tissue Injury (Strain & Sprain) -♦- Osteoarthritis -♦- Hip Dysplasia -♦- Elbow Dysplasia -♦- OCD -♦- Spondylosis -♦- FCE -♦- Intervertebral Disc Disease -♦- Sciatica -♦- Myofascial Pain (often seen as an exaggerated Panniculus Response) -♦-Tendonitis -♦- Trigger Points -♦- CDRM -♦- Neurological Inhibition -♦- Somatic Dysfunction -♦- Conservative management of Cruciate Injury & Luxating Patella (grades 1 & 2)

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    Patient Suitability

    Using 4 modalities of massage, I identify and address common areas of muscular injury, myofascial pain, and active trigger points.  I assess muscles from origin and insertion including fibre direction

    Soft Tissue/Muscle rehabilitation

    Arthritis Pain Management

    Intermittent Lameness

    Inconclusive X Rays or MRI scans


    Pain related behavioural changes

    Gait or Postural issues

    NSAID contraindication or intolerance

    Sport/working dog performance issues

    A Multimodal Approach

      Working within your practice

    As an experienced practitioner in the field of clinical canine massage, I specialise in integrating massage and rehabilitation programs within veterinary practices. My approach is centered around working closely with veterinarians to enhance the overall care of their patients.  I am committed to obtaining veterinarian consent prior to any treatment and provide detailed written reports on each dog’s progress post-treatment. This ensures a seamless continuation of care and supports the multi-disciplinary approach of the veterinary team.  My dedication to delivering top-quality care in partnership with veterinary professionals is steadfast.

    Call to chat about working together. 

    Mob: 07730 133134

    RCVS Proposals

    In light of the recent RCVS recommendations to amend the Exemptions Order 2015, I welcome the proposed changes in relation to musculoskeletal therapists working as part of a multimodal rehabilitation team.

    With the introduction of the IVCI this is something we have been working towards for several years.

    If you would like discuss how to smoothly integrate clinical massage into your practice as part of a multi-disciplinary approach please contact Angela Day on 07730 133134 to discuss.

    What Am I Looking For?

    Muscle Splinting -♦- Compensation -♦- Strains -♦- Trigger Points -♦- Myofascial Pain -♦- Restrictive Scar Tissue -♦- Hypermobility -♦- Sub Clinical Signs of Pain -♦- Pain Based Behaviours -♦- Sport / Working Dog Performance Issues

    Benefits of Canine Massage

    Owners report that following 3 treatments of clinical massage their dog is happier, more playful, more mobile and able to go for longer walks again.


    Improves joint health and function

    Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

    Reduces inflammation

    Improves range of movement

    Restores muscle function

    Breaking the pain cycle - massage successfully offers pain management for arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia, cruciate injury spondylosis, and luxating patella

    Reduces levels of anxiety, nervousness and depression.

    Improves performance, gait and postural issues

    Angela Day Owner of Born to Run and Dog Muscle Expert

    Why Work With Me?

    I’m Angela Day, my clinic is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

    I’ve completed the extensive 2-year clinical massage programme with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.(approx 1200hrs of study).

    Using 4 modalities of massage, what really sets this type of massage apart from others is the Lenton Method™; a set of direct myofascial release protocols designed specifically to complement the dogs’ anatomy, body-mapping to address common areas of muscular injury, myofascial pain, and active trigger points.

    I assess muscles from origin and insertion including fibre direction.

    I am happy to provide a full report at the end of three consecutive treatments to complement a multimodal approach to patient care.

    Member of International Association of Animal Therapists

    Member of Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists

    I'm a Contributor to the worlds first Canine Massage Clinical Trials as announced by the Vettimes

    I'm insured by Balens, underwritten by Zurich

    I've been in clinical practice for over 8 years.

    I undertake on average 50 hrs CPD p.a. (industry standard is 25hrs)


    I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to take a dog of my own to Angela for treatment

    (and I specialised in orthopaedic surgery for 3 years before becoming a holistic vet!). “

    Dr. Vince MacNally  – BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS

    “Born to Run were recommended when I was looking to help my dog recover from cruciate knee surgery.

    He’s had a wide range of treatments to keep him sound – physio, hydro, chiro etc,. but the massage is the one that I have found has made the most sustainable difference to his condition”

    Liz and Beanie

    “I run with my golden doodle Perci ( Cani Cross).  A few months ago I noticed he had a limp I rested him but it didn’t improve.

    I had been to a talk Angela did at our vets so contacted her.

    Perci was so at ease and you could visibly see him easing under Angela’s hands.  

    After just one session his limp went completely.  Perci and I cannot recommend her enough

    Bex & Perci

    “Jessie suddenly developed a highly fatigable gait with all four legs affected.. followed by catastrophic muscle and weight loss over her whole body…

    We were seriously considering having her put to sleep!”

    In combination with diagnostics at Dick White Referrals, Angela worked in a very kind, gentle, and consistent way with Jessie.

    We are very pleased to report, that our little dog’s health has been restored and that it is clearly sustainable.

    Jessie – Case Study

    Dr. Steve & Dr. Mandy Humphries & Jessie

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